Where do Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson rank among QB prospects? | Get Up

Where do Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson rank among QB prospects? | Get Up

The Get Up crew debates where Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson rank among quarterback prospects.
0:00 Discussing where Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson rank
1:02 Matt Miller says Zach Wilson is what the NFL wants right now and that he is hearing Patrick Mahomes and Kyler Murray comparisons.
5:52 Matt Miller gives his predictions for the NFL Draft.

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  1. This was an absolute waste of my time. Wilson “elevated the low talent around him. They were probably not nfl guys”… well he done it against “probably not” nfl guys. The narrative that Wilson is better than Lawrence screams boring tv with nothing else to talk about

  2. Mike Mayock and Troy Aikman ranked Sam Darnold as their no. 1 franchise qb….Will Troy or Mayock pony up a 1st rd draft pick to save Sam from seeing the ghosts of former prospects that busted out???????????????????????/

  3. Trevor Lawrence is gonna be the next Ryan Leaf. We get it. He has the Arian look, tall blonde, wide American Jaw, but he's gonna be a bust man. We all know it.


  5. Ryan Clark saying it for 2 years while Matt is just saying it is like Fields producing since highschool and now Wilson showing up this year. What's the obvious common theme here?

  6. If anyone still has doubts that Trevor Lawrence is not going to Jacksonville take a look at his pro-day video and urban Meyer's reaction to him.

  7. Lmao I don't think any Jets fans care about not getting TLaw anymore. Wilson in Lafleur's system with with JD managing 80+ mil in cap space and 9 picks in the draft. Jets are gonna shock a lot of doubters

  8. Just so we are clear, I have not watched college football at all. My opinion is based on this. Chris Simms has released his 2021 draft rankings for QBs and Wilson was the #1 with Fields being 5th best. If you watch the video, he breaks down how Wilson clearly makes fantastic throws and Lawrence has a couple of fixable mechanical issues. He also points out how Fields has consistent accuracy and mechanical issues. I went and watched that Indiana game and the Alabama game, Fields was not that good. Lots of screens, easy routes and a few deep shots. Didn't recognize blitzes fast enough and had issues all year coming of the first read. Fields is a first round pick but not a top-15, he needs to sit for a while and learn how to read defenses. He reminds me of a faster Trubisky that is stronger. He needs some coaching but he is better than Tua, Trubisky, Goff and many others in the NFL. I think he fits best in a place like Seattle, learn behind Russ (it looks like they are trading him sooner or later) or Minnesota.

  9. Trevor Lawrence was that against Alabama his redshirt rookie freshman season when he tore that defense apart! Why does everything give cam newton and Lamar Jackson excuses when they lose a game after coming back from COVID but when trevor Lawrence comes back from COVID and destroys the team that beat them when he had to sit out but lost the next game it's all criticism. My thought it that they were looking ahead to Alabama and didn't game plan right and ended up losing by underestimating their opponent because Ohio only. Played a few games and honestly didn't deserve to be in that playoff spot. They only Played a few games yet skipped ahead of a bunch of good teams that played all season and it was also unfair since they only played a few games there was little tape on them and there players were all fresh when Clemson was beat up

  10. "Without a great supporting cast at BYU". Did this guy watch any of BYU's games? One of the top five o-lines in the country! Four projected to go in the NFL draft. One of the top five running backs in the country. Please…

  11. Great show guys enjoyed it alot. Love your takes.. Just a note Zack would of had many more touch downs and yards but was pulled out often by third quarter because BYU was beating up alot of opponants, and BYU coach called off the dogs when it was so lopps sided to his credit.. Also BYU is rising again, does alot with the level of talent it gets but is getting better but almost has highest number of guys invited I think to Colembine at 6. And I'm starting to think Idaho, Utah and Arizona swath is starting to produce some top QB talent as training gets better and hard work ethic and healthy lifestyle help, and need to and desire to pass the ball to win . Taysom Zack and other out of Az… Sadly I'm old enough to have seen Jim McMahon play in High school against him lol. But my main point is Zack confidence and knowledge of Football desire to win reminds me of Jim, but also Steve Young, as he too like Zack has a very strong desire and strong work ethic. Zack for weeks would drive 12 hours to Cali from Utah on the weekends listening to audio of Youngs book about football! So like Steve He'll not rest on his laurels but keep learning and developing. Already has awesome accuracy, and tight spiral like Steve. And as a close community I'm sure to Steve's credit he'll check in on from time to time with Zack and Zack is mature and will take it all in Steve tells him about the game from mental aspect to mechanics

  12. Every year analysis suck off random players and act like they’re the best in their class when they’re clearly not. Zack Wilson’s not even a top 2 qb

  13. Zack will keep getting better and better, hes smarter harder working likes unlike TL to watch, dissect teams Ds. Its fun for him, hes hyper driven like Steve Young was. Confident and a leader like Jim McMahon. Zack will be the best of class for sure in 3-5 plus years. Urban is smart, he was impressed with Zack. So would be cool and nit out of the realm of possibility he'll take Zack over TL.