Why is Rolex So Expensive?

Why is Rolex So Expensive?

A look at why Rolex watches cost as much as they do.

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Narrated by Toby Ricketts: https://www.tobyrickettsvoiceover.com

Why is Rolex So Expensive?


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  1. A lot of bullshit about why Rolex is expensive…its simply over priced for its brand value and have become a commodity for rich to exchange high value transactions easily. Rolex doesn't pay their salary and craftmen 10 times the salary of their contemporaries but advertise that we invest and all. They have not contributes anything to metallurgy and material science. They outsource most tasks for cheap price and make tons of profit by advertisements. They would prefer to put a million dollar in advertisement rather than improving benefits for their workers.

  2. Maybe its just me but for that kind of money it better create a bullet proof shield around me and/or have a disintegrating ray for protection. I will stick with my trusty timex. Its also mind boggling to me that so many people have that much money to waste when everyone else just worries about the price of groceries. Myself included.

  3. This is purely a vanity item. There is no reason they should be over 5K either. A standard digital watch has a plus or minus of around 15 seconds per month, making them twice as good as these at doing what they are designed to do – tell time accurately. It's a total waste of money.

  4. Because a Rolex is like a diamond, some rich tool at some point said this thing is valuable and the dumb sheep that people are believed them. The only reason gold was valuable (before it's use in electronics) was because it was a rare, useless metal that was only good for making coins and jewelry. It's only "practical" use was derived exclusively from it's rarity making it a difficult material to counterfeit in currency. It then went on to become valuable in it's own right as a symbol of wealth. Same deal with diamonds and other valuable jewels. They all require the masses to believe in their value or they become worthless. I like to think of it as the Religion of Value and it applies to just about everything "collectors" pay a fortune for. Without belief in their value, they are worthless. Fortunately, more and more people are looking at these rich person vices and seeing them for the stupidity they represent.

    The Rolex is a fine piece of precision engineering but it's price tag, status symbolism and the propensity of the wannabe wealthy to purchase them all detract from their actual beauty and value. Basically, we have reached a point where if you want to look like a prize a#$hat, buy and wear a Rolex. A $5 digital watch is just as accurate and easier for most people to read anyway and that is if you even need a watch at all with almost everyone constantly having access to a phone.

  5. This is a demonstration of the abject failure of capitalism. The time, money, effort spent on designing a piece of jewelry could be used on technologies to enhance human existence. Simply idiotic.

  6. Because the opportunity to flaunt your wealth, whether earned or inherited, comes at a high price. I knew a guy who refused to take the $400 price tag off his tie.

  7. i'll keep my apple watch srry. I only get screwed by apple to have to buy a new every 3 years. I heard a guy pulled a Rolex out of his ass, after the war, and he kept that watch in his ass to give it back to the man's son who gave it to before he died on the battlefield, lol

  8. Hey !
    I wear 1 Rolex only once, and daily i wear new piece. The old piece that i don't use 2nd time are collected by my house workers as Suvanier or Trophy.
    I do this because if I don't use a new watch daily than Rolex will go bankrupt and i am the reason the are thriving and I am not taking any credit for my generosity.
    Most of my Rolex are above 25000$ ofcourse , and yes I have more money than IMF, World Bank , America's Federal Reserves and Entire net worth of G8 countries combined.
    But i like to remain anonymous.
    I am Humble u know.
    That's enough bullshit from me , see u later alligator.

  9. I don't care how it's made, who made it, or what it's made out of… in the end, it's just a FUCKING WATCH. This "life of excess", placing such high value on things that are ultimately worthless, is part of what is wrong with society as a whole. I piss on Rolex and anyone who wears one.

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