Scientists Confirm Dogs Can Recognize a Bad Person

Scientists Confirm Dogs Can Recognize a Bad Person

How to Understand Your Dog Better. It looks like dog owners have scientific evidence to prove that their pets are the smartest and most perceptive and can even help them single out bad people. Their list of superpowers makes dog people proud: they can sense fear, read body language, and even smell cancer to find it at an early stage and warn of upcoming epileptic seizures.

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Dogs can recognize a bad person. 0:50
They feel how other people treat their owners. 2:21
Dogs can read our body language and emotions. 3:22
They can sense fear. 4:05
Dogs can smell cancer. 5:52
They can warn of upcoming epileptic seizures and diabetic shock. 6:59


-An experiment led by Dr. Akiko Takaoka from the Department of Psychology at Japan’s Kyoto University concluded that dogs refuse to trust a person who lied to it. Dogs did not follow a pointing hand that led them to an empty container.
-In an experiment, dogs wouldn’t take a treat from the people who’d been mean or disrespectful toward their owners. In fact, besides distrusting them, they flat-out ignored these meanies.
-With enough training and treats for a job well-done, dogs are able to tell the happy faces from the sad ones, even with human faces they didn’t come across during their training.
-In a study of 694 people, the scientists found a link between a person’s emotional state and their likelihood of getting bitten. Emotionally stable and confident people don’t get bitten nearly as often as those who feel anxious around intimidating dogs.
-Lots of dog owners have reported that their pets paid particular attention to their body part affected by cancer.
-Dogs’ super noses can sense the rapid changes in blood sugar levels since they change the smell of an affected person’s breath and skin.

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    Dogs can recognize a bad person. 0:50
    They feel how other people treat their owners. 2:21
    Dogs can read our body language and emotions. 3:22
    They can sense fear. 4:05
    Dogs can smell cancer. 5:52
    They can warn of upcoming epileptic seizures and diabetic shock. 6:59

  2. Today my dog saw me crying and she slowly walks towards me with her tail down and lick my tears off my face and sat down next to me my father always hurt my dog when she was a puppy and i always save her and took her from may dad when he’s hurting her and now we got each other’s back they maybe hard to understand sometimes but your dog knows how to comfort you and love you like no other people if you treat them right they will repay you love and loyalty

  3. Humans have better instincts than dogs when it comes to recognizing good and bad. We just dont follow the basic intuitions that our brains pick up. We tend to rationalize bad energy as something that may be off with ourselves. That's my opinion though. I wouldn't trust an animal with not even half the mental capabilities as a human being to recognize for me whether or not someone else equal to my mental capabilities is good or bad. That's just ridiculous. I'm 100% sure all of us are perfectly capable of knowing whether someone is good or bad in our standards and morals for which we all individually live our lives.

  4. When I meet someone , I take my dogs with me, depending on where I am going. When my dog or dogs growl at someone, I don’t watch my dog to see what he may do next, I watch the person. My dogs have already told me something isn’t right. That’s enough for me right there

  5. I had a crazy dream of a dog sent by a wall of corpses in a red barn that told me to hurt people and when I said no I want to leave the dog laughed and the barn started on fire. Now I have betta fish they are pretty cool

  6. I can confirm the one where dogs sense fear. My grandparents had a rodisian ridge back, which are used to scare lions away from live stock in Africa. I wasn’t scared of it when I first met it, and we played all of the time. It never once did anything aggressive to me, even when we were running around in the back yard, or playing tug of war. This is when the flip side comes in. My cousin, who was really scared of the dog,, was by the dog when they first met. (He wasn’t badly hurt, he is ok)

  7. My dog to be smart still game the world because whenever there's danger he tells us in once was a fire in my house and He sniffed all the fire and warned dust

  8. My dog I like him my mom dont like so he put him outside when he see me he wiggle his tail and lick me and just here a scratch on our gate he would break his chain but if he recognize the smell he has big smell the doctor said he would sleep again

  9. I actually saw a video of someone catching a child predator and a dog walking by stopped in the middle of nowhere and kept staring at the predator walking by. The owner got confused and kept trying to get the dog to walk with him. It was interesting to watch. The dog seemed much more perspective than many of us.

  10. Nothing is better than dogs. Just loyalty… I love my dogs! But since I was in romania; I claim the puppies were missing… I do not know what happened. My mum told me once that she gave one of the puppies to someone. Then I started to think that my mum gave all the puppies away. Then I went to germany; I got afraid, and I missed them. Then my mum claimed to gave one away because she didn't know neither; she thought my dog ate the puppies; I thought she wouldn't do that. My mum was afraid to give my dog the puppy back; she believed that she would eat it. Not try'na flex; but I have a dangerous dog breed; one that is illegal in many countries. But he was friendly the first time we saw him. The breed is: Amstaff Terier.

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