Scientists Find Our World Could Be Ruled By Secret Patterns | A Natural Code

Scientists Find Our World Could Be Ruled By Secret Patterns | A Natural Code

Scientists are using Alan Turing’s theory about patterns to grasp a better understanding of nature’s hidden design; from tracking migrating birds, to conserving whale sharks across the world.
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This is a short wildlife documentary about the fascinating Turing patterns in nature and how they may help endangered species around the world.

The first half of the film introduces three characters, which will take us on a quest to explain who Alan Turing was and what is his connection with patterns in nature.

The second part of the film is showing how these patterns can help with conservation, by focussing on the whale shark patterns.

The viewers will feel like going on a fascinating journey, from the secret world of mathematical ecology to incredible underwater scenes.

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Featured team:
Kriss Ceuca

Natasha Ellison

Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme’s website:

Dr Philip Ball’s Twitter page:

Prof. Philip Maini’s Twitter page:


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  1. Do you understand that watching patterns like this, especially in black and white, burns the image into your retina for an extended amount of time? It's annoying…

  2. Seen I think was Alan Alda or Nova documentary in the 90's where a biological mathematician was assigning number values to DNA that was found for the tail of a cat and fur pattern, but found that for cat tail DNA was very similar to all cats, so he hypothesized the Pattern was dictated by shape, but you could also say patterns dictates shape.

    I'll watch the video now.
    *yup pretty much.

  3. The analogy that instantly popped in my head was a nuclear reactor – probably because I watched Chernobyl.

    Did the filmmakers repeat the scientist because of bad editing or Westernsplaining? I mean, it does say the BBC is involved.

    My advice for science communicators: give credit where it's due, bc you're the face not the brain.

  4. the thing is our brain loves seeings patterns everywhere, science geeks say that everything is related to the mathematical constant "phi" but if you observe and calculate carefully,the numbers barely reach the value of phi.
    I saw this from It's Okay To Be Smart's video, it was a nice video explaining how many not everything can be related

  5. Aaand when I was at 8th grade without a blink of an eye my math teacher told that the rules of BASIC CALCULUS have shanged and added:'it's not a biggie'….

  6. You mean the world almost conquered by animal who Mongolian take half of the world, Roman half of Europe, Britain almost all the world, Inca half of the continent. And the dinosaur almost conquered the world but the other took some half from meteor rain,the sea creatures who did try but fail too because the pressure is too high.

  7. Please learn to mix your material! LUFS-standard exists, teach your post production crew to use it!
    This audio is WAY, WAY quiet.
    Your peak is at -30dBFS and that's way way too quiet.

  8. I always wondered if the "unique patterns" found in nature are actually telling us more. For instance, has anyone ever tried to see if there is an actual relation between fingerprints and genetic code, DNA or possibly physical symmetry? ( Out of my field, but would definitely require advanced computing )

  9. This was really fascinating… I wonder if this can be used to predict human behavioural patterns, particularly when it comes to mitigating increasing natural disasters and environmental change as the climate changes e.g. If you assume that desertification is an inhibitor then how does it affect migration patterns or could those patterns ‘nudge’ human her behaviour to reduce carbon emissions? Also, could those patterns potentially predict where climate induced events are more likely to happen so mitigation/prevention methods can be put in place ahead of time?

  10. You can learn more in the comments than you can from this video.
    Maybe John Connor should terminate Turing before the rise of Skynet or is the AI singularity inevitable. 🙂

  11. Very well done I’m glad seeker decided to Premiere this documentary. The research is amazing. I like that they mentioned the graphics because the Turing patterns really sparked my interest and they look beautiful.

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