Anderson Cooper: That's an actual quote from a GOP official

Anderson Cooper: That's an actual quote from a GOP official

CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses what President Donald Trump has been doing as his refusal to concede defeat to President-elect Joe Biden continues.

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  1. Arrests, Military Tribunals
    & Insurrection Act

    Deep State Being Flushed –
    Proof Dominion Servers Rigged.

    Military Option is at hand.
    RENDITION Flights & Confessions.

    States Evidence of Conspiracy to commit FRAUD – WarFighters deployed to collect
    LYING: Politicians, Big Tech Leadership
    & MSM Pundits.

    Please forward to everyone you know & ignore MSM headlines about defeats in State Courts. They are cornered and they know it.

    patriots changepoint is coming quickly
    Prep. PRAY & Stay Out Of The Way…


  2. Look Frump, you can't just 'print' your own ballots, they are numbered after tailoring to your district. There's no room for 'extras'. And the paper is heavier, different. Your an idiot.

  3. The American people have fact checked this news station and have found it to be missing content and could be misleading to its viewers while spreading disinformation. This news station should be excepted as entertainment only due to their extreme Bias and political views.

  4. Reality Anderson Cooper ? The reality is this election was rigged and compromised! The reality is NO AMERICAN will stand by and let our country be taken over by the CCP and Biden. You at CNN are communist sympathizers and are willing to keep the truth from the American people by not covering the connection to the Biden family and the CCP. What is your end goal? To have a communist America that's controlled by China? Then you guys want to put together a hit list for Trump supporters to hurt them. When the truth comes out, and it will come out even as bad as you try and hide it.

  5. I can not stand Anderson Cooper. Biden did not beat Trump get that straight! It's the votes that were stolen or paid for by democrats. You are still a fake news channel and I have no use for you . Cooper you are a instigator and a liar and a fraud. Election was rigged.

  6. “I think his job was keeping the foreigners out of the election,” Paul said, referring to Krebs’ work as head of CISA. “It was the most secure based on security of the Internet and technology, but he never has voiced an opinion—and he’s welcome to today—on whether or not dead people voted. I don’t think he examined that,” Paul said.

    “Did he examine non-citizens voting? So to say ‘it was the safest election,’ sure, I agree with your statement if you’re referring to foreign intervention, but if you’re saying it is the safest based on no dead people voted, no non-citizens voted, no people broke the absentee rules, I think that’s false and that’s what has upset a lot of people on our side, is that they’re taking your statement to mean ‘oh, there was no problem in the election.'”

    Before he was fired, Krebs repeatedly said the election was run in a secure fashion, though he later clarified his remarks were not meant to refer to allegations of fraud.

    “Rumor Control: I never claimed there wasn’t fraud in the election, [because] that’s not CISA’s job—it’s a law enforcement matter. We did provide info on measures election officials use to prevent and detect dead voters, tho,” Krebs wrote on Twitter.

    Dec 2020 Federal Hearing………. Rand Paul

  7. Cooper.. REALLY. To DENY ..your president hasnt found ANY unlawful voting practices…would be YOU undermining the AMERICAN PEOPLE…

  8. By the way that kid of yours hideous that is not a few child I'm sorry people will lie to you and tell you but he's not he's not whatever it is bless your heart you think you're so fabulous yet you're so bushwa

  9. Trump fears he's going to lose so he talk to his followers and blind them and throws out disinformation about elections being rigged, and he repeats it over and over and over again! He knows what he's doing he's lying through his teeth! He is setting up his followers to attack the Capitol and hopes he can stay in power! He planned that before he lost the election and of course get the states to turn the election around he is corrupt! The worst president in our country.

  10. CNN LIES! You wont even report the truth about the stolen election…I have 270 pages of evidence that the court hasnt even looked at yet that says otherwise, the people who havent woken to the fact that you are owned by radicals who said the riots and looting all summer were "Peaceful Protests" Then you interview a known B L M activist John Sullivan…Do a little research next time you interview someone..I see that video cant even be found but i have it recorded.Why was a radical left-wing activist inside the Capitol building?John Sullivan a radical left-wing activist and founder of Insurgence USA filmed the death of Ashli Babbit according to his latest interview with CNN. Sullivan’s appearance at the siege of the Capitol building raises eyebrows considering he was arrested in July for his part in riots and protests all across Salt Lake City.

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