Former Capitol security officials testify at Senate hearing on January 6 riot

Former Capitol security officials testify at Senate hearing on January 6 riot

The Senate Homeland Security Committee and the Rules and Administration Committee are holding a joint hearing on the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Senators will question the top two Capitol security officials who resigned after the riot: former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger and former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving. Former chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, Steven Sund, who also resigned after the attack, and the acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, Robert Contee, will also testify.

Five people died on January 6 when a mob of Trump supporters stormed the building while lawmakers were counting the Electoral College votes from the 2020 presidential election.

#CapitolRiot #SenateHearing

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  1. Now, we begin the true legal proceedings. There will be many. They will be far more effective than genteel impeachment, directly dealing with criminal charges against Former President Trump, et al.

  2. This is most definitely a show trial for propaganda purposes. Its frustrating and disappointing to see so many Americans are falling for it. THIS IS A DISTRACTION TO PREVENT THE REAL QUESTIONS FROM BEING ASKED!! Full transparency is needed! Where is the security video from the Capitol building? Why is everyone relying on a highly edited video taken by a BLM supporter who was interviewed on CNN the following night? Why has the unedited version in which the individual making the recording can be heard repeatedly instigating the passive crowd around him to do violent acts, like "burn it down" "break the doors" & "I've got a knife if u need it" Why was it reported that an officer was killed by being beaten with a fire extinguisher, then when that was proven to be misinformation, the claim changed to him being killed by inhaling bear spray then dying after being rushed to the hospital. Then it came out that the officer actually went home and talked to multiple people assuring them that he was ok and uninjured from the Capitol protests. As of right now the official cause of this officers death is not directly related to events at the Capitol, yet they keep reporting what they knew to b untrue? There are hundreds more real questions that need to be asked, but wont be, because the truth will incriminate the wrong people!

  3. Trump ordered Pelosi 10k NG. She and her Capital Police declined.
    They all knew weeks before that there were several leftist groups including politicians and Security employees planning this. We have video evidence of them planning.

  4. What happen is that the White Nationalist Republican put all their people in power. Over seeing all the military head. That is why.

  5. #FalseFlag #BreadAndCircus Who still watches propaganda #FakeNews !? Learn Gematria ppl! These satan worshippers love their symbolism. This sht show is all about #Distractions from what these demon worshippers are doing behind the vail.
    The ppl are the enemy, look how you all are being treated. They never lost a penny during this #PLANNEDemic, meanwhile gave you scraps & crumbs and told y'all to survive off of that.
    The same ppl pushing this depopulation agenda were the only ones that kept making millions whilst shutting down your businesses and destroying the economy.
    Stolen tax money was being divided amongst other countries while they gave y'all bird seeds smfh. #waketfup to their tyranny!
    Since when tf were governments more concerned with ppl's "healths" than the fkn economy!???
    These demons and the illusion of "democracy" that they keep dangling in front of the ppl need to be lined up and shot in the head! Just like they do with these pointless wars that the US government starts in every 3rd world country.
    The only conspiracy theorists in the world, are your CORRUPT governments.

  6. Is it policy to check the TRUTH at the door before they walk in and take their seats at the Senate??…. When someone that is an elected official, outright lies, should there be consequences ?????

  7. Why are they still calling them rioters. I fn hate Americans for this. This exact thing they do by minimizing white people doing crimes. Never a new law that heavily punishes people in power but all ways up grading the laws for the regular.

  8. Sounds like Captain Mendoza 's lawyer wrote the statement she read.. Note the use of the words Violent, Rioters. The violent rioters grand ma's and grand pa's having heart attacks. I watched the whole riot. Looked like a set up. This was what the left wanted to happen. Look where we are now, Martching towards Martial Law. The originators were Antifa, the stupid sheep that went in after were trumpets. Do none of you remember high school cafeteria protests / riots? 5 idiots started, shortely even the nice kids were tossing food n chairs.

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