French President Emmanuel Macron ordered a third lockdown across the country | DW News

French President Emmanuel Macron ordered a third lockdown across the country | DW News

Speaking in a televised address, Macron said the British variant was creating “a pandemic inside a pandemic” that was more “contagious” and “more deadly.”

“Soon, nearly 100,000 families will be in mourning,” he said, referring to France’s climbing coronavirus death rate. “We will lose control if we do not move now … we are entering a race.”

What did President Macron announce?

A curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., already in place in the worst hit regions such as Paris and the north, will now apply across the whole of mainland France.

Non-essential stores will be closed nationwide.

Other new measures include a domestic travel ban between regions without an essential reason, and the closure of schools for the next three weeks.


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  1. What clear is that people with underlying health conditions are in high risk of dying. Examples include a 24 year old young man who was overweight died of heart attack just one day after catching covid-19. Others have diabetes, high-blood pressure, etc. But it doesn't mean that very healthy young people are totally safe. The probability is low but after what happened to some children and young healthy people perhaps because of their genes, others say because of blood types, scientists are still collecting data.

  2. Anyone who are interested to know the figures about the vaccine rollout side effects can look them up at the website of the CDC in the USA. It would show there those with severe side effects and the number of deaths. But for people who had died after vaccination but no autopsies done, they won't be there. And also those not reported but their families share their sadness on youtube.

  3. So if we really want to solve this then maybe the countries of the free world need to take the vaccine production out of the hands of drug companies who are in it for profit and make it a world wide war on the virus. Lets get some new huge vaccine production facilities going. Pump these vaccines out and spread the distribution out across the world evenly. This is not going to be over with one or two shots. It’s going to be going on for a long time as each year the virus mutates. We cannot have one country doing their thing and another one doing something else. Get serious about solving this or we will be paying the price for a long time to come. It’s a world problem not a country problem.

  4. Wel ome France now theyll push this experimental drug even more into as many of you as they can.
    But shhh you're just a conspiracy nut if you use common sense and information from leading medical professionals that are silenced.

  5. The virus is real. Step outside and observe the carnage it's wrought: rivers of blood, corpses everywhere. Humanity is at the brink of extinction. This virus must be stopped.

  6. Listen speak president France have go to hospital 115 vietnam (hà vy nurse here) ? Wedding with doctor born girl year mouse double running wife give tooth smile I doing job …? Meet tooth American, chairman France smile …

  7. Lockdowns will never work. This is because they are never true lockdowns. Always so many reasons/exemptions for non compliance. Always millions of people doing essential jobs. Always millions of people having to leave home for simple things like shopping for food… I watched a documentary on Chinese lockdown: no food in the house was NOT a valid reason for going out… Brutal enforcement.

  8. C’est ridicule ! C’est un tissu de mensonge !
    It's ridiculous ! It’s a fabric of lies!
    And those who follow these guidelines without resisting deserve their fate!
    The power of a state rests entirely on the cooperation of the people.
    It is widely accepted that there is a "moral" right to resist oppression.
    This right appears in article 2 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of August 26, 1789.
    You choose !

  9. I hear there's a new deadly variant from Iceland you apparently need 6 masks to protect you from that one. The WHO also suggests you wear at least 2 diapers to prevent infection from any bad air escaping from your sphincter.

  10. วันจันทร์นี้เราต้องได้คำตอบสิ่งที่เราต้องการอย่าอ้างว่าติดโควิคเวลาจะติดรถยนต์ภายในประเทศของคุณ

  11. มันยังไม่ยิ่งใหญ่จริงละมั้งเราต้องนำทหารทำสงครามกับอเมริกาถึงจะยิ่งใหญ่สิ่งที่มันจะเป็นจริง

  12. Macron is a fool without brain. Lockdowns have never been succesful in any country, just make everything worse. Politicians are so obstinate and stubborn. Maybe because they have a big paycheck ftom thr globalists. Lockdowns will never help in any way. People, go on fighting for ypur freedom without any poison pumpad into your bodys.

  13. All the Government Ministers that are enforcing lock downs should be locked down themselves for their crimes against humanity.
    Lockdowns are imprisonment of healthy people who have their rights of freedom of speech and movement removed without their permission.
    That is against their human rights and is illegal. It might not be an essential business to them the powers that be but it is essential to the mum and dad
    who have children to feed , mortgages to pay etc etc. Stop using the dodgy PCR tests and the pandemic is not fueled by false positives and stat listening to
    Scientists that do not have conflict of interest !

  14. This wizards are going down in the mighty name of our saviour Jesus Christ, Daniel profecy The world is ruled by wizards and witches | they bewitched (enslaved)the spirit part of human body.

    Africans will not be their sacrifice anymore! Europe need to repent!! Jesus Christ is the only one who is going to save the humanity!

  15. There wouldn't be a need for a harsher lockdown if people behaved responsibly and just followed the prevention measures and rules in order to reduce the risk of getting infected & sick. Unfortunately the coronasceptics and the young don't want to behave responsibly and that leads each time to a new wave of infections & increasing pressure on the hospitals from the sick with a real risk of a health care system collapse.

  16. Lockdowns absolutely because this virus is so dangerous that more than 99.9 % of the people have survived!!! Nuremberg part 2 will arrive for all of the criminals

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