Life-Saving Car Technology No One Wants

Life-Saving Car Technology No One Wants

Technology exists today that could dramatically improve the safety of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. We’re just not using it, here’s why.

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  1. These guys are bullshitting. Most cars have speed governors. My car isn’t supposed to do more than 125 but I’ve done a little higher.

  2. What they missed to speak about is the Drivers license. In Germany you Need to Go to a Special school, Take theoretical Seminars and then practical Lessons in the City at night and on the Highway. Then you have a practical Exam which about half the people fail at their First try. Obviously, If you Just give everybody a Drivers license without Them beeing really able to Drive, you will have more casualties as If you only have Well informed and already Trained people on the road

  3. The biggest issue with the idea of speed limiters is that speed limits dont take into account improvements made in vehicles and infrastructure since the 70s. Reasonable road speeds are often 5-10 mph above posted limits

  4. the pedestrian technology is dangerous as fuck. It slams on the breaks randomly and can limit your speed in extremely dangerous driving situations. Don't listen to this guy's bullshit because it says he has something to do with harvard. Accidents are going to happen.

  5. limiters make it more risky in some situation where using more speed can avoid a collision
    i see the most risky j walking in low income so the data is off for that

  6. I was actually waiting for the car covered with airbags. But I found an idiot saying that car crashes are an equity issue. I'm sure Harvard Fellows are paid to say the word "equity" on every random topic they are interviewed…

    As latinx I feel underrepresented

  7. This entire video is a preview of the horrible police-state system that awaits future generations of humans. Completely ridiculuous, passing of personal responsibility to police-state type enforcement systems. Speed governors stopping you based on arbitrary rules created by corrupt politicians, cameras monitoring your every move inside the car, sensors measuring your sweat and breath – this is excessive.

  8. Here in California, pedestrians have the right of way. This law has created a generation of people that just walk out into the street as if they are invincible. What makes it even worse is that if they get hit by a car, it is the person driving who is at fault.

  9. What about hacking?
    We already know that any technology will be immediately beset by a$$hats trying to do harm to others under the guise of 'trolling'.

    It's getting information from external IoT or cellular systems, so it's going to be vulnerable to attacks, and if we know only one thing about corporations, it's that they will use the least expensive, most poorly defended tech they possibly can, until a lot of people die and they are forced to make improvements.

  10. Hey, maybe just redesign urban streets to ensure cars go slow through traffic calming or ban cars from pedestrian heavy areas entirely. The reason Helsinki had 0 pedestrian deaths last year was because hardly anyone drives there. They bike, walk, or take public transit and their streets are designed with people in mind.

  11. Lol.. you don’t really think people wouldn’t find ways to get around the breathalyzer to start the car. The first effect would be a new market for portable air pumps or air moisture filters..

  12. omfg… I'm so tired of EVERYTHING being turned into 'racism'…Everything… If everything is racist, NOTHING is! Got it? Problem with reckless drivers is a problem with a fundamental lack of respect of another life. That's not racism, sexism, nationalism… That's just a fundamental lack of humanity among humans. Some countries do their best to teach their citizens from the early age the respect to other humans. And that's why in Belgium, Netherlands it's ok to let your kid play outside, ride a bike to school. And in other countries, you only let your kid outside unattended if you're fed up with it.

  13. These guys haven’t done enough research. Lowering speeds decreases fatalities per accident but increases accidents per mile traveled.

    Increasingly elderly and ‘new’ drivers are over represented in fatal accidents. So it’s the drivers who don’t know how and drivers who can’t driving fatalities.

    If you can’t get from point a to point b fast, on your schedule, who wants to own a car?

    The answer is more training for new drivers and screening for elderly drivers. The old statistics show drivers over 70 account for ~40% of fatal accidents while only making up about 3.8% of drivers. Insure your car near communities with a high elderly population and your premiums may triple.

  14. On top of all this, your overall chance of dying in a car accident is less than 1 in 300.

    Americans won’t stop overeating and exercise and obesity related disease is now the leading cause of death prior to life expectancy

  15. of course it wouldnt be a modern video if we didnt include how this "affects minorities and low income people more"

    is it because rich people live in not so tight areas? where as people who live in inner cities are more likely to be in a collision with something?
    …not according to this guy, its an "equity" issue…..

  16. "How about making citys more pedestrian focused to save lives and climate?"
    "Nah… Let´s just get an 24/7 ai supported surveilliance system installed, that potentially not only tracks every route of yours but also your face, your words, your phonecalls and can´t be made safe against hackers.

    "yeah. Sounds Great!"

  17. @1:34 “ they tend to be minorities.” People are responsible for their own actions and decisions. I would like to know where are these minorities from, are they from third world countries where no one observes traffic laws? In some countries, whomever engages first has priority. Maybe we should stop importing them, they can stay home where they are safe ridding donkeys like their ancestors have been doing for millennia..

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