Man Kills Eight in Atlanta Shooting Spree

Man Kills Eight in Atlanta Shooting Spree

A 21-year-old white man is accused of killing eight people at spas in the Atlanta area, and the police immediately released a statement with some interesting talking points. John Iadarola and Francesca Fiorentini discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Eight people were killed and another person was wounded in a shooting spree Tuesday targeting massage parlors in the Atlanta area.”

Hosts: John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini

Cast: John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini


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  1. TYT is filled to the brim with low IQ woke supremacists who have no argument. If you look into hate crime stats, it will destroy your “*uck whyte people” narrative. This shooting hasn’t been “normalized” and he didn’t “try to get away with it”. How are you even making these leaps in logic? He’s a murderer. The guy has been arrested, admitted to the crime, and will be punished. He killed 8 people. What are you smoking? That precinct captain or whatever he is was just being asked questions by reporters and this woman is saying “who asked him?” She’s that clueless.

  2. This is colonialism not racism. The U.S. WAS born from genocidal violence since the enslavement of African people and the genocide of indigenous people! This system produces violence. The only way to end the culture of violence is overturn colonialism. That means white people must return everything we stole and continue to steal. white left opportunism must stop if we are serious about being rightfully enraged about the ongoing violence against colonized people!

  3. This is all Trump's fault, he managed to associate all asians with China and Covid-19, it just shows how desperate he is to not take the blame for everything that was his fault ☠️

  4. Motivation does not equal justification. Criminals have motives for the unjustifiable crimes they commit. Francesca is under the impression that understanding the motive of a criminal is the same as justifying the crime. Understanding the motives behind crime is useful to prevent or reduce future crimes. To prevent crime it is important to understand what compels criminals to act. It is possible to entertain the reasoning of a criminal without agreeing with that reasoning. This is fairly simple stuff yet here we have another example of The Young Turks having yet another meltdown due to their inability to understand things properly. Imagine constantly getting emotional about everything because of your inability to process marginally abstract thoughts. It's embarrassing, grow up you guys.

  5. we're having the wrong conversation. it's not about the motive of the killer but rather the means used to facilitate the murders. what do all shootings have in common? hmm, let me think…oh yeah, GUNS! it's not rocket science folks.

  6. Good job cutting out where the reporter asks if the shooter understands the gravity of what he just did. He’s describing what the suspect told investigators.

  7. TYT has no problem showing the shooter's white face but has a problem mentioning the colorado shooter's name bc he's a muslim syrian refugee. The hypocrisy.

  8. TYT’s double standard on how they report mass shootings is disgusting. I’m not trolling, just came here from Democracy Now and Amy Goodman and has no problem disclosing all relative information. Why suppress facts?

  9. I'm not taking the cop side for it but it clearly sounded to me like the cop was answering questions to the best of his ability without overstepping. We live in a very polar world and I believe anybody even you guys have to really be considerate about what you're telling the masses cuz it's a fine line between fear-mongering and putting your opinion in truth out there it's a very fine line so find that I can't convict this channel for doing just that I can say I'm really confused about how you can come to these rationalizations? Everyone is of independent thought and process and still both sides of the aisle tend to just group everybody together and in doing so they actually miss out on the real trends that are causing these issues they just warmonger or fear monger to get more ratings to get more votes to push their independent and own agenda….. It's not my belief but it's common sense that one could easily say well if they've cracked down the sex trafficking and prostitution that this individual may have never had the opportunity to go out and do the stuff that he did..but then again I don't know the individual maybe he is nuts maybe he was going to do this anyways maybe he doesn't like Asians maybe he doesn't like massages I can't see into the heart of any man or woman… But I do know that if I'm involved with people that do bad things that eventually bad things are going to happen to me… And the shooter do this too but he continued to invest himself into these things and therefore should be held liable for all everything you did you shouldn't have any easy way out I said put him on death row and let's try to attack the real issues instead of just using this incident as a pulpit to push your narratives on either side either side I don't care…

  10. Black people ARE NOT attacking Asian people as a group stop the pig shyt lies. White people as a group has been doing this. Stop using blacks as a scapegoat to further punish us.

  11. Depressing. Hookers are a social blessing that normally prevents men from going mental and snapping and killing people… Usually these girls are the exact reason that we don't have so much violence. Radical anti-sex terrorism has popped up in some right wing groups. These groups promote enforcing chastity and strong sexual moral values and are violent about enforcement of their sexual values. Them and others vote to remove abortion rights in the west. They are anti-woman all around.

  12. So he was targeting either sex workers or more broadly women. The fact they are Asian had nothing to do with the crime. Francesca is an idiot. The murder doesn't know why he did the crime, but Francesca definitely knows the motive.

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