US has conceded too much to Taliban, says Afghan vice-president – BBC News

US has conceded too much to Taliban, says Afghan vice-president - BBC News

American troops in Afghanistan are at their lowest levels since 2001, which was the beginning of the US-led war in the country.
A troops pull out earlier this month was part of a deal signed between the Trump administration and the Taliban in February last year. According to it, all foreign forces are due to leave Afghanistan this spring. Peace talks are taking place between the Afghan government and the Taliban, but it’s unclear if and when they might result in a resolution. All of this comes against the backdrop of a significant surge in violence. The BBC’s Yogita Limaye spoke to Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Saleh.

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  1. Amrullah is the only leader in Afghanistan that's not corrupt. Pakistan try to assassinate him more then 10 times but when he's protected by Allah there's nothing anyone can do. He's standing up against Pakistan's atrocities

  2. This guy is chatting bubbles he has no self respect. If he did he would be fighting against the Americans and other foreigners who are in Afghanistan by force of arms not asking for them to stay. Moreover if only 10% of Afghans approve of the Taliban how have they been able to fill their ranks for the last 2 decades with the American onslaught? Al Qaeda has been desmated and bin laden is dead. The Taliban will not be too quick to resume allowing terrority in their control being used to attack America unless they wanna be attacked again which after 20 years I'm guessing they aren't keen on otherwise they would not have agreed to peace talks. The writing is on the wall saleh you and people like you are puppets your gonna get what's coming to you when America exists.

  3. This fellow is a killer of innocent afghans and shias of hazara tribe in Afghanistan. He only wants US to stay so he can continue to benefit on the lives of American soldiers. He wants the americans to clean the mess in his backyard. About time US should look after its own interests, its soldiers, their lives and its own people. Hope peace in Afghanistan prevails

  4. Taliban was created by the US go to cut this talk short taliban have won the war as long as they are existing as long the US Army wasn't able to annihilate them.

  5. Now this man is a good leader, you can tell he is anti-Islamist, and determined to fight for a batter Afghanistan for all Afghans; much respect to him and I hope Biden continues to support the legitimate Afghan gov in their war against a hateful/oppressive terrorist group!!!

  6. This time the US wants out and washes its hands like in Vietnam. It is not the US could not win the war, but it could not fight forever. That is why it lost to the Vietnamese because its tenacity. It looks like the Taliban is using the same tactic and it works. In the eyes of the Taliban, the US has lost the war. It is only a mater of time the Afghan government will collapse.

  7. Afghan govt so corrupt they only use the money to protect themselves and spend money in foriegn countries and these fake elections is an excuse to keep getting that money.

  8. Funny man, let me try to connect some dots here carefully.
    CIA: We gave them food and wine, we feed them fat, and now they are showing us their true color again.
    Trump: What do you suggest we do?
    CIA: Well Mr. President, during WW2 It took us a few years of fighting to learn who our actual enemies are(USSR), what they are like, and what they are capable of, and their interests.
    Trump: What do you mean by that? Get to the point for Christ's sake.
    CIA: Mr. President The Afghan internal government has already been infiltrated by Iranian politics, The Taliban's cooperate with us since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan till now, they are not our enemies. I repeat they are friendly, The real enemies are what you have seen happening in Iraq and Syria. (IRAN).
    Trump: Thank you for your intel, keep me informed.

    The only enemies of the US right now, are the one who wants us Die, curse us as if its a ritual thing. WHo is that country? (IRAN)

    That's right people, This bogus man has already asked for Iranian help from the start. He betrayed us, and he will continue to betray us, and him on the news trying to make it look like we (America) are at fault while we sacrifice our soldiers, helps to help build their country right. It makes sense right If you connect all the dots correctly and carefully? ISIS came (SAUDI Proxy war) :)) , Iran intervened right away and now owns Iraq. ISIS (Pure Sunni) came to Afghanistan, well let's see what this new war will be like. The battle of Karbala will be fought again in Afghanistan one day. It's pretty obvious they have to make the right choice. It's only a matter of time and choice, the whole game can be changed at all times you know. Iran is the Great Shaytan (Satan as they called us) lmao.

  9. U.S, Kingdoms of Middle East, Russia has for decades contributed towards creating these monsters in the name of religion but in backend facilitate a big money business of arms, drugs and others. These self centered Govts doesnt care about the lives of the people. UK and other major powers equally culpable. Its a bloody money making business at the cost of millions of people.

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