Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan to be funded by corporate taxes | DW News

Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan to be funded by corporate taxes | DW News

US President Joe Biden has set out plans for a two trillion dollar program of infrastructure spending. He’s called it a “once in a generation investment” that’ll create millions of jobs, while giving roads, utilities and American industry a “badly-needed” upgrade. A big claim from the US president. The plan’s been compared with his predecessor Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ following the Great Depression of the 1930s. But Biden’s program is also facing tough opposition.


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  1. Make America great again TAX corpartions & ultra Rich like 1950s ! Corporations actually Paid Taxes in 75% marginal rate NOT like Amazon Goggles ZERO % . UltrARich pay over 50% without ALL the loopholes . America had a Real middle-class . Politicians weren't Prostitutes the Donnors. TERM limits No auto Pensions or medical except for Medicare @ 65 .

  2. 2 trillion OVER 8 YEARS so 250 billion/year… the Pentagon budget is 700 billion/year so we see the priority.
    China spend more each year than Bidens plan gets for 8 years…
    USA spends 0.52% of GDP in infrastructure China spends 5,57% (2018 numbers) going with nominal GDP (not PPP) would make it USA 20,58 trillion x 0.52%= 107 billion/year China 13.89 trillion x 5.57% = 773 billion and really in regards to China you should go with purchasing parity making it 1,206 billion
    So… "normal year" 2018 China spend 1206 billion on infrastructure USA spend 107 billion… now there is "The LARGEST PLAN EVER" and the USA plans to spend 250 billion/year for 8 years… not really impressive.

  3. Where do they expect him to get the money from? The president's infrastructural plan is an excellent one. Taxation is one way to raise money for such huge project. Why should anyone criticize such progressive plan? US infrastructure is old and worn out and require serious upgrade. Infrastructure and investment go together. Please, give this new administration a chance to move America forward.

  4. I hope the infrastructure plan is taking off very fast in the States, which is very needed indeed.
    By looking at the average streets in New York and highway roads, it looks totally cracked and worn out.

    If Biden actually pulls this off, then you Americans better be grateful for his bold necessary decisions, no matter what you think of Joe Biden.

    Only if of course.

  5. Most of the money will end up in the pockets of those who donated and supported Biden’s campaign. “I helped you to get this position so it is your turn to help me to get a fair share of tax payers’ money.”, basically how US democracy works.

  6. Soulless economic system, soulless leaders =soulless country,just an observation, cause and effect of failed human policies vs corporate policies

  7. I mean in the long run we’d end up saving more money long-term by upgrading our infrastructure because we wouldn’t be spending time & money doing repairs on systems that are older & break every time. I mean this is what you called an investment we won’t see the results until a few years.

  8. Corporations already pay property tax for their buildings and that tax is used for infrastructure. Democrats have the most wasteful policies.

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