Europe under fire for treatment of migrants in Greece | DW News

Europe under fire for treatment of migrants in Greece | DW News

Europe has come under renewed criticism over its treatment of migrants. For years now, thousands of asylum seekers have been living in inhumane conditions in Greece. Five Greek islands near the Turkish coast have become known as “hotspots,” where refugees live in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions. More than a third are children, mostly without access to education. The EU says Turkey should take them, as part of a deal reached with Ankara five years ago. But many experts say that deal is a human rights disaster. DW’s Max Zander reports on the situation on the island of Lesbos:
While EU Commissioner Ylva Johannsson toured Mavrovouni camp in a guarded convoy, journalists were given a rare opportunity to visit the nicer parts of the overcrowded facility.
Scenes of women exercising in the spring sun starkly contrast these pictures from last winter, when residents had to hold on to their tents, while the sea flooded their homes.
More than 13,000 people are stuck in these hotspots on the North-Aegean Islands, as part of a system designed to help Greece cope with high numbers of irregular arrivals.
As part of the EU’s 2016 migration deal with Turkey, Greek authorities, with EU support, have to examine whether each person arriving has a right to asylum. Those whose claims are rejected must return to Turkey. And as long as asylum seekers don’t have an answer, they can’t leave the islands.
Critics claim this model is simply not working.
Instead of setting up appropriate infrastructure to deal with asylum cases in a swift manner, five years on from when the deal was signed, authorities are operating in emergency mode. Even EU Commissioner Johansson agrees this system has to change.
The EU Commission has proposed a new approach to asylum, under which asylum applications would be processed within days at the bloc’s external borders. But critics fear this might lead to a situation similar to what we’re seeing today; hotspots all over again.


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  1. oh wow!… without Visa, without permit u can enter into those countries like – germany, france, sweden, finland… so, why we are finding and working hard here for Visas and permits and developing our skills… let's just go into Germany and cry for place to live, money to chill in a bar in Berlin, shout for citizenship for Germany may be also…

  2. shame on EU, NATO imperialistic hordes destroyed their lands, instigate and fueled civil wars, supporting coups and juntas etc., it is EU and USA responsibility to take care of them as much as possible,

  3. Extermination campaign funded by US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Israel wants others to relive their holocaust, hence why the Middle East has been shattered.

  4. As long as the EU does not bother about its external borders or about helping managing the situation then Greece should hire buses and send those people to the borders of the individual member states. Those that do not pay their fair share for this situation should be forced to pay. There is no such thing as european unity when the problems are not collectivised…

  5. She want's asylum cities in Europe, because it worked so well in US. Oh wait
    If you want to help them, help them in their home country. Not just those who show up at the border, typically young healthy men. There are far more left behind and less capable of dealing with hardships

  6. Are you seriously blaming this on the Greek government? I am not saying everything is perfect but the sheer burden Greece faces in comparison with other countries with little help from the EU, a bullying neighbor, turkey and an unstable social unrest is immense.

  7. It's not Turkey's fault its EU Turkey is not scared of Europe union Instead EU scared of TURKEY

    EU should simply threaten Turkey seriously . YOU SEND refeeege s purposefully WILL SLAP YOU WITH BIGGEST SANCTIONS ever and do it so next time They will believe EU

    It's the ONLY language Turkey understands

    Dont show weakenes to Turkey coz it's only embeolding Turkey

  8. It’s uncontrollable and human rights can only go so far before it reaches its full capacity. Europe unfortunately doesn’t want them. That’s the reality

  9. EU can't take care of entire Africa and half of the Middle East. It is too much. We have our own problems and many countries in Europe are having a high youth unemployment themselves. A lot of nations have to introduce family planing and a child policy. For example: Africas population will double till 2050.

  10. Every country has their own laws and constitution. You can't make one country accept asylum application, just because Germany says so. If they pass such a thing, i wouldn't be surprised that the UK will not be the only one to leave the block.

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