Long Covid: How are children affected? | COVID-19 Special

Long Covid: How are children affected? | COVID-19 Special

What does Long Covid do to children? An Italian study on Long Covid in children surveyed kids and teenagers five months after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Only 42 percent of them had fully recovered. 36 percent showed one or two Long Covid symptoms. While 22 percent showed at least three symptoms. These include sleep disorders, breathing difficulties, muscle and joint pain plus exhaustion, headaches and an overall lack of concentration. Long Covid keeps Covid-19 patients down for weeks, even months beyond the initial illness.

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  1. My reaction: 
    –it's so sad….
    –They tell us NOW???
    I'm terrified for my son in France; Macron closed the schools after Tuesday so there's still one more day to worry about…

  2. And keep in mind these are only the known longtime efects.
    No one knows what that will do in really long term.
    Like the HIV Virus shows his most devastating powers after seven years.

  3. The Nobel Prize winner who discovered the HIV virus Luc Montagnier
    Claims that the covid-19 virus contains a sequence from the HIV virus which means somewhere down the line You'll have kaposi sarcoma perhaps

  4. Please people, if you want trustworthy statistics then go to the USA's highly reputable Centre for Disease Control (CDC) website. You will be truly shocked about just how much almost every European government is exaggerating the risk.

    Just today I read yet another scaremongering report by the BBC, in respect to the risk of blood clots due to the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. They had been extremely selective in their choice of data for how often this occurred, in order to downplay its risk. At the same time they had grossly exaggerated the risk of dying from covid-19.

    In the UK, the government seems to have both the media and the universities well and truly on a leash. Imperial College London used to have a reputation for being one of our very best universities, but their "research" on the IFR for covid-19 gave truly obscene over estimates for it.

    The bottom line, at least in the UK, and probably the rest of Europe, seems to be that governments are prepared to lie shamelessly to scare people about this virus. They are also selling the idea that vaccination poses less risk than the virus. While this is true for those much over 60 it becomes questionable for younger people. And the younger you are the more questionable it is. What's truly sinister is that despite this we have the prospect of people being coerced into vaccination by the adoption of vaccine passports.

  5. This is bad journalism. Some quite scary claims are made from almost half of the kids getting long covid to it also leading to Tourettes. Yet the 'evidence' they base this on is neither included nor detailed.

    There have been few if any other reports claiming such high rates of issues in kids – many if not most do not even know they had covid, so how do they know they suddenly have long covid? Indeed, if it was almost half of kids getting long covid, you'd expect the same in adults (or worse) but no, even the most scaremongering articles struggle to claim more than 10%. And then the issue of what is long covid? A month without smell or taste is not really that much of a disability. Many modern kids – never sent out to play anymore – can get that all summer due to their allergies.

    Sorry, while sad to hear the lady in the middle has children still suffering (and I hope they recover) this is too exaggerated and too fearful – almost like it is paid for by the vaccine makers so as when they make one for kids we all rush to get it.

  6. The tests are 93% incorrect ,WAKE UP, Covid 19 has not been isolated and identified, WAKE UP, Death certificates are falsified, WAKE UP, No autopsies/ post mortems carried out, WAKE UP, The jab is not a vaccine, WAKE UP, Masks deplete vital oxygen intake, WAKE UP. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH for yourselves.

  7. They also need to stop pushing those swabs to the back of the nasal cavity, the bone pallet there is very thin and porous and this can cause infection to get into the brain, so these tests can actually be causing a great deal of harm to kids and adults , but they won't inform you of this!! There is absolutely no need to perform this test in this way it's all lies.

  8. Why are the government's not telling people that Ivermectin can help prevent and actually cure covid , the drug has been used and proven to work, and has been given a nobel prize!! Vaccines are not needed not to mention they are proving to be risky !!! but Ivermectin isn't, so it's time this was put to the public!!!


    In the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where coronavirus covid-19 first broke out, there were 3 deaths per 1,000 persons or 0.3% fatality rate. However, these fatalities were all over 70 and were taking hypertension drugs or other pharmaceutical medications, now known risk factors for covid-19. Only 1 in 20 persons showed signs of infection or for all ages 19 out of 20 were immune to the virus.

    This means that you are at risk only if you are over 70 years old and are taking drugs. If you are not over 70 years old and are not taking drugs you have almost no risk of getting covid-19.

    Also, ALL of us have already been naturally immunized since birth of coronavirus because the virus is in 30% of our common colds. It is only in the genome sequence inside the covid-19 virus that they have modified.

    Note that the passengers and crew aboard Diamond Princess cruise ship were exposed to 5G radiation, engaged in close social interaction, dancing close to other pairs at night, sitting side by side in the dining halls, and were breathing almost the same air-conditioned air. This condition is much worse than outside where there is yet no 5G Internet, where the virus is killed by sunlight, heat or salt and where the air is fresh, where most people normally go.

    Now, consider that if you are below 70 you almost have no risk of getting covid-19, and you have to take the mRNA vaccines with the observed risks and side effects:

    blood clots and even immediate death,
    covid-19 infection (yes, the mRNA vaccines can infect you covid-19),

    injection site pain, 2 days, 3 days
    swollen lymph nodes 12-21%
    systemic fatigue 55%, 79%
    fatigue 69%, few days
    headache 63%
    muscle pain 60%
    joint pain 45%
    chills, fever 12%
    50% side effects within 15 hours
    systemic reactions 7+ days 12%, 37%
    bells palsy in 3 individuals

    So, if you are below 70 and are not taking drugs why should you risk getting all the above side effects, getting covid-19 and dying early?

  10. It sounds as if some individuals with long covid see a marked improvement in their symptoms once they get the vaccine. It makes complete sense to me to offer children with long haul symptoms the vaccine via current trials being run. I am also very curious about reflexes (do some children with long haul have reflexes that are non integrated—ones that should be integrated)?

  11. The so called "long covid" its just the mask for the adverse efects of lockdowns, vaccines and the new 5g waves that are afecting the oxygen around the antenas causing difficulty to breathe

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