Prominent Hong Kong democracy activists convicted over protest | DW News

Prominent Hong Kong democracy activists convicted over protest | DW News

A court in Hong Kong has convicted seven prominent pro-democracy activists and politicians for their role in anti-government protests in 2019. Two other defendants had previously pleaded guilty. The defendants include Martin Lee. The 82-year-old co-founder of the Democratic Party is known as Hong Kong’s father of democracy.
Also convicted were 73-year-old media tycoon Jimmy Lai, who has been one of the most outspoken critics of the current administration, Margaret Ung, a 73-year-old barrister and former lawmaker, and Opposition politician Lee Cheuk Yan.
Nathan Law, pro-democracy activist from Hong Kong and former student leader, spoke with DW about the convictions from London, where he is in exile.


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  1. It was not pro democracy, it was pro fascist movement. These protestors openly lynched anyone who disagreed with them, a man was burnt alive for trying to stop them from vandalising the tube station.

  2. These 'pro democracy' leaders, Nathan Law can not be trust with power. He never condem violent lynching of people in Hong Kong, but openly encouraged violence towards oppositions.

  3. Nathan Law is lying again. At 7.30 he said China promise…that is correct, but then he said China broke international treaty, that is a lie. The joint declaration is not an international treaty. Its at bilateral, and its a declaration by China, a statement, not a treaties. A stolen land was handed back to China, China doesn't, nor accepted any pre conditions. There was no treaty.

  4. Funny how none of the "activists" were out on the street when HK was under British rule and the native Chinese had no say in the political process. Prob because they knew they'd be gunned down by the Brits

  5. Nathan Law does not represent HongKongers as his group of rioters created mayhem, destruction of Public Properties, torched & killed innocent Citizens to advance their ruthlessness as a duty to his pay masters to sabotage HK's Economic and Business prosperity as ONE China

    He is financed and represents Australia, Canada, EU, UK, USA Japan & Taiwan Government and Agencies to spread falsehoods about HK

  6. very curious that if a group German law make call sanction from foreign country to against their own country, and vow to topple the foundation of Germany, will German government not arrest them but praise them as pro-Democratic activities? ,DW can u answer this simple question?

  7. what the western media call 'pro democracy' leaders, I cal them secessionist leaders. any legitimate government will convict and jailed these clowns.

  8. Yes, Hong Kong will be peace and prosperous again. Hong Kong should set up Re-Education School for that one millions protesters.

  9. Martin Lee founder of HK democracy? What did he do during his whole life under British Rule? NOTHING! Father of doing nothing for HK! Don't talk through your head! He was foolishly misled and embolden by UK and US who made full use of him. He will have to pay the price of his stupidity and treachery!

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