UN envoy warns of possible civil war in Myanmar | DW News

UN envoy warns of possible civil war in Myanmar | DW News

Deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been charged with violating a colonial-era secrets law. The UN warns of potential civil war in Myanmar as the military ramps up its violent crackdown on anti-coup demonstrators. Since the army seized power two months ago, crowds have gathered every day. Security forces have killed more than 500 government opponents. Thousands more have fled to neighboring Thailand.

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  1. Trump gave them a perfect name Lame-Stream media.

    Instead inform us this media asking us “is Myanmar brink of civil war”?.

    Here We see clearly a civil war & IF NOT then hundreds of videos of tortures casualties protests in Myanmar coming to your media anchors & reporters from where?
    (Lame-Stream media indeed).

  2. Now that Trump is gone and the president is a puppet UN will bend their knees and will let China do his business in Myanmar. This is just the beginning.

  3. To: KNU and other Ethnic-Armies of Myamar-

    You will not see again such a high degree of a unified majority of the Burmese citizens (and its legitimate government ousted by coup) call for a general-strike, as well as a UNITED-FRONT by ALL ETHNICS to show (not only) overwhelming FORCE in numbers- but also to show FORCE of REASON (to the world) of a UNITED DEMOCRATIC conclusion to END this murderous SIEGE (of over at least 70 years) by the criminal Junta. Seize this rare opportunity.

  4. China is in charge of the UN security council and have not taking action. The question is what does China gain if Myanmar becomes a military state? The western can condemn and send troops but none of these western countries have sovereignty over Myanmar. The best they can do is have dialogues and come up a ceasefire from the Myanmar military at this moment. Prayer and support goes to the people of Myanmar.
    I think what UN security controlled by China needs to do now is implement an emergency ceasefire from the military and send in the peace Corp military for support to enforce ceasefire. Then send in resource support to also deal with the COVID pandemic and other humanitarian needs. Stablize these things and then begin to have talks about resolution to the conflict. Humanity First.

  5. Useless UN. Don’t buy China products and Russia. The Junta are corrupt. Civil war is better so they can get rid off this prick out for good. Kill all the armies who are responsible for the killing of innocent people.

  6. Would bet good money China is involved. What possible reason would they have to veto an intervention save for the fact it benefits them some way. They've already revealed their imperialist agenda, so it's not a stretch to think that Myanmar plays into that in some way.

  7. China Talks about violence on Asians in America but fails to condemn brutal killings in Myanmar. We, Burmese people, have the worst neighbor and backstabbing friend.

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