Mike Pompeo: Weakness begets war, it begets hostility

Mike Pompeo: Weakness begets war, it begets hostility

Former secretary of state on the message Biden is sending to the world on ‘Hannity.’ #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. There is going to be war between Us and other countries, if mike is elected to be the president of United States. So far, I like his son better than him.

  2. USA will only be destroyed if a civil war will happen that will divide it into little enclaves fighting each other.. Attack from within.. make the people lose trust in the government..divide the people make them see each other as enemies..

  3. Fox News, shame on you when you defended Red China negatively commenting on your own government & your country. Do you think Chinese diplomats pointing while talking is an act of civilized left alone their rude attitude? Fox News is the worst source of news in America when it's only spreading craps to the people causing division in the country. You should be ashamed of what you did.

  4. 美國会保護优良少數族嗎,??,会願意同他们生育成一大國嗎,??,其實蝸牛的殼很彩色也很少有的品種,SO,而且很獨辣,你们会保護壞人团或少數族呢,,,??,SO,??。

  5. My Vision of the Return of the One and Only True and Living God, My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…

    The year was 1976…I was 13 years old…living in Eastman, GA

    Our family had finished Sunday dinner, which is lunch to those who aren't from the south. Everyone decided to go down to the river for a swim and fishing, but, for some reason, I did not want to go. I felt tired and I just wanted to lay down for a nap, so my Mamma allowed me to stay home alone for the first time ever. It was like any other dry, sultry, boring day in mid-July in South Georgia. We lived out in the country in the middle of dusty plowed fields, dirt roads and woods. Everything looked kind of brown and crispy, like it needed rain bad. The corn field across the road in front of the house was starting to turn brown and die.

    As soon as everyone left, I went to my bedroom, which faced out the front side of the house and looked out onto our front yard, which had a semi-circular dirt driveway and beside the left entrance was an old dogwood tree which had to be at least a hundred years old. Highway 341 ran from east to west in front of our house, which faced north, and the cornfield I spoke of earlier was on the other side of the highway. There was a slight rise in the middle of this field and you could not see the trees on the other side, so it looked like an ocean of corn that went off into the horizon.

    As I lay across my bed looking out the window, contemplating what I saw before me, I began to hear music in the distance. I specifically heard it in my right ear and the direction from which it came made me think of the high school band which practiced several miles southeast from where I lived. When conditions were right we could hear the band playing, but usually only heard the faint beat of drums. This sounded like trumpets and as I was thinking this to myself, I began to notice the music getting louder and louder, coming closer and closer, very quickly.

    Within a few seconds the sound wasn't just something that was exterior, but it was inside my head as well, reverberating throughout my entire body. It was so loud and it sounded like lightning crashed directly over my head and, in that split second, the trumpet sound thundered throughout my body and throughout the entire world…everything went dark and my bed and the earth shook violently.

    In a flash, I was no longer lying on my bed, but I was standing outside my bedroom window in the front yard and I beheld the scene in front of me with tremendous awe. It was still my front yard, only now everything was different. It seemed as if my entire range of vision was a huge 3D movie screen and I was in the middle of it.

    The trumpets continued to sound and I saw that the blue, sunny sky had turned black and the clouds churned and the wind blew with a violence that I had never experienced. The corn field was now a sea of wheat that was golden brown and ripe for harvest and I could see every stalk of wheat individually, billions of them. And I watched as the wind thrashed the wheat until it was beaten down by the storm. I now know that the Bible speaks several times about, in the end time, when the wheat is ripe for harvest, how the wheat will be separated from the tares. The tares are gathered and bundled together for burning and the wheat is gathered into the barn.

    Then I noticed the dogwood tree. It was mid-July, so of course I know there should not have been any blossoms on it, they usually bloom around Easter…but the tree was in full bloom. I had never seen anything like this. You couldn't see any leaves on the tree because of the millions of dogwood blossoms. It looked as if it were lit from within, by a glowing whitest of white, neon light and it glowed gloriously against the darkened sky. Now, I know the Bible says no man knows the day nor hour that Jesus will return, but if we watch for the signs, we can know the season. I have always felt that He might come back in the spring when the dogwood tree is in bloom. Of all the things that could have been highlighted in a vision; why the dogwood tree? I believe there is a specific message here. (Update: recently, I prayed about this and I feel the Lord placed into my spirit that this represents the fullness of the gentiles coming in).

    Just as I was taking all of this in, lightning filled the sky and the trumpets thundered over head again and in an instant there appeared two angels. They were dressed in white robes, facing each other up in the air and blowing golden trumpets. They were huge and filled the sky in front of me and I knew that the entire world must be seeing this as well. When I say huge, I mean like the size of the highest mountains, literally.
    I didn't think the trumpets could get any louder, but they grew louder still, building to a great crescendo and I heard a great shout that was louder than anything that you could imagine. And with that shout, it's as if the earth fell silent, the black, violent clouds began to roll back onto themselves from the center of the northeastern sky and I saw light in the distance. It was more a combination of light and clearing of the clouds in the distance that got my attention. As I looked up at this shaft of light and clearing sky, I saw what seemed to be fluttering and movement in the distance. As it came into view, I saw Jesus on a white horse and behind him were millions of angels and saints on white horses. It was at this moment, when I realized what I was seeing, that it disappeared and I was back in my room lying on my bed. Everything was back to normal and I was again looking out at a bright, sunny day.

  6. Weaknesses started with you Pompeo. Your USA no.1 mentality is becoming obsolete fast. China economy has surpassed USA. Its GDP growth surpassed USA. Now China technology and military will soon over take USA. Congratulations China.

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