The vehicle that could

The vehicle that could

Historic footage of the screw motor vehicle that could travel through any terrain, including marshland

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  1. I remember those at Marine Corps Parris Island. They were used to rescue Marine recruits who ran away and wound up getting stuck in the muddy swamp. That was in 1976. The vehicles were old and falling apart and were not really needed anymore since helicopters were replacing them.

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  3. ZiL. Soviet-era Russian car manufacturer—came out with this “screw drive vehicle”. ZiL was founded right before the 1918 October Revolution—like within months before—and then spent the next 70 years making limos for Soviet dignitaries. Then they survived a little while after the iron curtain fell, and I think they finally went out of business in 2012. That’s what I can tell you about ZiL.

  4. All military or prototype Russian vehicles seem to squash the drivers or pilots in, its like the tall guy on the Simpsons driving a car everytime. Cool vehicle though.

  5. Oddly when I saw tanks the first time, I actually designed such a wheel system when I was 9 years old, but mine had additional wheels in the middle so it could use it to lift it away or just to be able to drive on the road. With this system you can easily drive up very steep roads and difficult muddy terrains.

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