The Industrial Revolution | Mankind: The Story of All of Us (S1, E11) | Full Episode | History

The Industrial Revolution | Mankind: The Story of All of Us (S1, E11) | Full Episode | History 1

Join us as we explain the wildest, weirdest, most shocking moments of all time in History Countdown –

The end of the Civil War allows Mankind to go into overdrive. This is an age of innovation, transformation and mass production. People believe that “Anything, everything, is possible.” See more in Season 1, Episode 11, “Speed.” #MankindTheStoryofAllofUs
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  1. @17:00 ish; There were 2200 on the Titanic. Saying "passengers" may be correct but "passengers" were not the only ones who died in this disaster and to leave the crew out is immoral.

  2. LEWIS LATIMER, a BLACK MAN, was responsible for inventing the filament that made the light bulb work, thereby being the inventor of the light bulb, not Thomas Edison. In fact, Thomas Edison stole his inventions, and Lewis Latimer took him to court, suing him, and won. A BLACK MAN NAMED GARRETT MORGAN, INVENTED THE GAS MASK and the STOP LIGHT. The first person to invent a machine that mass-produced shoes was a black man, Jan Ernst Matzeliger. Many of the most important inventions we have still around today were by black men. Why doesn't the History channel do a series on this?

  3. The photographs in coffee table magazines like Life put the immoral and barbaric activities of the Klu Klux Klan right in our homes so that we could no longer ignore it. The point was that Americans believed that they had a right to expect privacy and peace within their own private homes.

  4. Last week was ep 9 and this ep11. What happened to 10, I can't find it either, that would be alright but the history on this show is in chronological order and it messes me up when l have to jump over a hundred years. I love this show so much is why I'm so disturbed by it.

  5. Five minutes in all ready know, if the new government decided to use cannabis as trade good. They ward be to happy to fight. How about doing the history on cannabis and tobacco

  6. 17:30. I like how he sugar coated, no matter how good life is we are always looking ahead. We are selfish stupid Not great full kind of people. A lot of the native Americans were great at being content just taking enough, the land will provide.

  7. You wonder why it took humans so long to come up with modern travel means & inventions but it really didn't. We already thought of it but it took the discovery of certain resources to get it going. Like there were chariots already but the motor, with gas and electricity is what gave us cars. There were lanterns but electricity brought the light bulb. There were swords but gun powder gave us guns. One new resource brought to the right location and combined with an existing invention can suddenly speed civilization up from the ashes.

  8. It used to be the North vs South. Now it's the Right vs Left same exact thing. The Left…the party of the Confederacy, the KKK, the party of slave owners and the party of Jim Crowe. The Left, they're coming for your rights too! Wake up America while you still have some rights 'cough' left.

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