Gravitas: Can an international treaty save the world from future pandemics?

Gravitas: Can an international treaty save the world from future pandemics?

Can an international treaty save the world from future pandemics? Leaders from 23 countries and the WHO back the idea. But the proposal is short on details.
WION’s Palki asks: Will a divided global leadership agree to a new treaty?

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  1. 'No' international treaty can't do nothing… these types of viruses will continue till the end of the 3rd millennium… by that time most of your eco-system is dead. The world will be another plastic ball with metallic colours of trash flying around the water ways .. humanity will be the only creature in h…. Gypsy Trail

  2. So this treaty will give unprecedented power, over the people within the nations who sign it, to whatever the organisation is (probably the W.H.O) that would be needed to direct and oversee the policing commands, quarantine procedures, medical advice, logistics, resources, medications, vaccines etc..? Another step forward towards total globalisation and another chip off the ol' sovereign block.
    A unified and coordinated global response may sound like a good idea, and probably is, except that the politicians and people involved in this "organisational" treaty can't be trusted worth a piece of ….

  3. really, …. eg- EU has 27 countries failed dramatically, brexit showed you are more effective sorting out on your own. But coming up with vaccines , drugs etc- can be condolidated.
    At the end rich countries has to take control because it is all about money . eg- US throw money at vaccines that we never know is going to work. at the end it helps us. Same uk and israel as well.
    At the end upto the individual countries to sort the problem.

  4. No. A treaty will not help in any way during future pandemics, however, it will certainly help in putting more restrictions on our shrinking liberties by big government and allocate more public funds to themselves to do so

  5. Does not matter how many treats you the end china will spread new virus might next time he choose to spread via other countries that his name doesn't come and stay silent..then later he do very good drama that he is doing corporation with world by selling his own mask,vaccines and takeover other countries business let them bow down according to their requirement..

  6. Shortage of vaccines? Are the available ones safe? Many are dying, healthy are becoming positive & many are getting sick.
    WHO cannot be trusted along with FDA, CDC, evil fauci & kill gates!

  7. The best strategy to save the world from future PANDEMICS is very simple.
    Just stay away from CHINA. Dump China and everything Chinese. World would be safe.

  8. High time countries came together to have a common fucking protocol to stop the non sense and to include experts…who don't believe in deaths are ok

  9. Tedros job is made easier. He can prolong his stay in office and is happily clapping for the new initiative and even offering his expertise. For the last one year, the so called experts fumbled, bluffed and misled the entire world what this Wuhan virus is all about, resulting in the death of 28 lakh people and shattered lives of a billion people. There were leaders like Trump and Bolsanaro whose error of judgement killed lakhs. Then another so called expert team with the blessings of Tedros went to China, made motions and then spoke on dotted lines, that few dead animals spread the virus. I fail to understand how our so called world leaders are going to address the future problem without knowing the real source of the present virus and how it got leaked. And the culprits are scot free and laughing. A pathetic response to a pandemic.

  10. USA is Guilty….The videos at the Airport of the Scientist and his two techs carrying the medical suitcases to Wuhan by order of Fauci who garnered the 1.3 million $$ to get it done! That was the immediate News Cast at the time. What has changed…..Someone covered someones ass. The virus may have gotten free by mistake in China — but, USA took it to Wuhan because Homeland Security said, "Cannot study virus in the low level labs at Fort Dietrich.

  11. China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and North Korea must be barred from this newly formed International treaty or else, they will jeopardise the goodness of it! These are the rogue ones and do not believe in humanity!!

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