Keiser Report | Fed Gets Its Wish | E1671

Keiser Report | Fed Gets Its Wish | E1671

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the tumbling purchase power of the dollar as the central bank gets its wish. In the second half, Max interviews Nick Giambruno, an independent geopolitical analyst, about lackluster gold in an age of excessive money printing. They discuss the fact that bitcoin has displaced the need for gold for most individuals.

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  1. Thanks for informing me a bit about the specifics of ethereum and because of that I'll attempt to point out with my meager understanding of Bitcoin what my problem with Bitcoin is and that is in its production. Assuming Bitcoin continues to be competitive investment what is to stop an organization from creating a production line generate a hardware required to create so much Bitcoin that it just completely dilutes and crashes its entire foundation in doing so they could easily manipulate whatever competitive assets they hold outside of the Bitcoin market and undermine the whole thing!
    If you look at at least from my perspective the production capabilities of the tech industry and you see that the most efficient generators are embedded into Nvidia RTX 3080 etc and AMD processors it doesn't take much from an imagination to understand that their production capacity is deliberately limited to control supply and demand of their products and that I would argue they're not even close to being it so maximum capacity either in research and development or production. Number talking about economies scaled at trillions of dollars it would be almost nothing to as a governing agency to Just produce factory that could out scale the current products by magnitude of several orders if your aim was just to produce something like Bitcoin to extract whatever assets were available in that currency just to recoup on your investment and I don't see that not happening soon as one of these multi multi-billionaires sees that it would be viable for them to do why wouldn't they do it….. I understand many people's investments and interests in Bitcoin and I won't be surprised at all to never hear anything said about this but I would be very interested to see what you have to say on the subject but anyone care to reply to this comment have a discussion about this?
    also my apologies for any grammatical errors or spelling problems or maybe even completely wrong words you just in context this but I'm a truck driver and I have to use voice to text and other Voice commands to control my device so please pardon that disorder

  2. Bitcoin is an experiment that tests governments' regulations and policies where as gold is the very last resort. People don't want to believe that we are there yet so gold prices remains flat. What if all of Asia, Russia and Africa banned Bitcoin and the US heavily taxed it? Ask yourself this. If you were a government, would you allow a currency in your country that can't be traced or taxed?

  3. You need to put a disclaimer at the beginning informing your audience that this program is nothing but an infomercial for shitcoin, and that you two are nothing but shitcoin shills.

  4. I think it's healthy to hear the other side of the aisle when it comes to Ethereum, but I think the comments made about it here in the second half were pretty flippant and specious, Ethereum is an experiment and certainly not mature, but to call it a pump and dump is gross imo, but maybe I'm wrong! I could definitely see NFTs being used to launder money, almost certainly happens with the disgraceful modern art these days

  5. Hi Sir and Madam, May I consult a question: When the market crash, I mean when the more severe financial crisis occurs, the price of bitcoin will keep rising or going down for a short of time (kind of correction)? I know the price of BTC will keep going up in the long term. Thanks Lee

  6. Your point to those who have or can borrow trying to steal all assets is right. Here in UK. Business cannot get loan for property development unless you have 5 yr track record or have in with banker. No new entrepreneurs allowed into market so all supply goes to few hands and those hands pay less. Like USA the UK property market has become oligopoly of few massive developers and bankers and their investors or people who are mates with bankers. Whole economy is skewed against the entrepreneur and against small business.

  7. Bitcon will have derivatives watering it down too. Yea he doesn't want to cross borders with gold because gold is valuable and people will steal it. So you mean to tell me for the potential price of a million Bitcons someone can put together a team of programmers to come up with a Bitcon2? Once all the money is transported out of China by the Chinese trying to get out of dodge before getting "Jack Ma'd" the price of Bitcon will collapse. There's no price discover in Gold because the smart money is suppressing the price while collecting the Gold. GOD, Gold, Oil, Drugs.

  8. What’s stupid is they make more people become poor, then the less people will buy random crap they don’t need making the elites loose tons of money

  9. What do you do with your Bitcoin once you got it? Buy a Tesla which has been declared dead as the whole electric car industry as a result of GMs failures. What do you exchange it for US$?

  10. ¿is the u.S. Securities Exchange Commission, S.E.C., trying to undermine and sabotage CryptoCurrencies especially BitCoin, and how? ¡asked at 1:32 pm PDST on Tuesday, 6 April 2021!

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