Why These Money-Making Athletes Are Paid Nothing

Why These Money-Making Athletes Are Paid Nothing

There’s an elemental conflict in modern college sports. The NCAA is a multi-billion dollar behemoth, yet the athletes responsible for all that revenue make nothing. That may be about to change. Between a pending U.S. Supreme Court ruling, proposed federal legislation and fallout from the pandemic, the tipping point in this long, tortured debate may finally be here.

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  1. As they rightly should
    These guys are putting their health on the line playing at a professional level for a shitty degree they'll never use or care about

  2. Kendall is a shill put in place by the NCAA. If you knew college football players you would know them and others major in the easiest college majors like communications. Majority of student athletes in basketball and football are not there for an education. To say they are is an outright lie. Which is why they put a track runner rather than a football or basketball player. There’s almost 0 money in running compared to the billions in college football and college basketball.

  3. Welcome to CAPITALISM, folks! The college system makes billions of dollars every year. Okay, fine. But: they get the use of the names, faces, 'likenesses', and star power of athletes – without whom they couldn't make that money – without giving those athletes a dime. Sorry, but are you kidding me? And they'll argue down in blood, using any excuse they can find, to continue things as they are. Why? PROFIT!!! They like things just the way they are. And why wouldn't they? After all, capitalism has no morals, no ethics, and only one rule: Do anything you can get away with to make as much $$ as you can. That's it. That's our whole system. That's our sacred way of life. That's the American dream. Yay for us, I guess. Happily, the exploited have one ace up their sleeve: they can refuse to play. Think college sports can bring in scabs? College athletes have it in their power to change this anytime they want. I genuinely surprised it took this long. Now, if only the rest of us would get that savvy! I'm game. tavi.

  4. To all the people who are Bitching about scholarships fine, then do pay the coaches administration multi-million dollars and don't sell jerseys or anything containing the players likeness. Either everyone should get paid their fair share or no one.

  5. American sport is very backwards, professional sports should spend money on youth systems etc. Keep college sport amateur and get pro sports to feed their own teams

  6. The arguments against paying athletes or giving the athletes their NIL rights are to keep the status quo. Ever since those TV revenues have been bringing in large sums of cash it was never for the well-being of the athlete. Schools are now spending as much as six times as much cash on an athlete for athletics than for the education for said athlete. Education has taken a back seat to the business of athletics in schooling, imagine how many full ride scholarships could have been handed out with the revenue that these schools bring in. Meanwhile many of these athletes still have to pay their way through school or worse, buy loans. This is sickening, and needs to change.

  7. How are schools struggling to make money? The cost of education has gone through the roof in most places. Me thinks these institutions are lacking a serious sense of introspection.

    I think the real problem is that so much of what is spent at these institutions has little to nothing to do with education. The focus is wrong.

    As to student athletes. Pay them, just as you pay everyone else involved in the profiting of the institutions. Amateurism is dead. Food on the table and a fiscal future is more important to the athletes.

    Will this break the competititve system? It is already broken, so who cares. The real issue is that college and University should be preparing their students for the future and providing an accurate assessment of how prepared the student is to enter the field they studied. Most institution fail hard at this.

    This is the root of the real problem.

  8. It's essentially undeniable that something is going to change this year with all these forces at work in 2021. As with so many things in our lives, the pandemic forced us to face some big existential questions around college sports. Another collision of sports, business and culture.

  9. OK, if they have marketable skills, they should go professional then. Why do some people default to "the government should do something about this."?

  10. Public universities have zero business being involved in sporting endeavors. If they wish to, simply have a separate business that operates a football team or basketball team. This professionalizes the athletes and divorces them from any academic requirement. Further, athletes could continue playing in say Tuscaloosa into their 30s if they wanted to. For reference see professional soccer clubs in Mexico like UANL or UNAM.

    As for what are considered non-revenue sports, leave those to professional academies. No inherent reason why public universities should be responsible for grooming Olympic athletes.

  11. So where exactly is the profit going? I cannot remember the women collegiate basketball team gym facility that need a huge upgrade. A number of professional athletes spoke about this.

  12. Either they set an amount to pay the student-athletes regardless of sport they're paying ( as long as it is under ncaa) , like $5k for every student, or invest the money in more scholarships, that's how schools should be using that large amount of money

  13. Most of the people playing sports being paid nothing are Black but the people controlling sports who are white making millions say the players should not be paid. Where have I heard this argument before…

  14. Funny thing is… with all the money "secretly" being paid out to players and networks of people to influence players… It's pretty obvious they already have the money to pay them

  15. What happens to a scholar athlete these days when they suffer a lifetime sport injury and cant play anymore? I saw a video where a D1 basketball player couldn't play basketball anymore after getting injured and lost his scholarship. He got kicked off campus and could't even get a degree.

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