Fukushima: The nuclear disaster that shook the world – BBC News

Fukushima: The nuclear disaster that shook the world - BBC News

On March 11th 2011, Japan’s most powerful earthquake on record triggered a tsunami, which then caused a meltdown at a nuclear power plant.
It wiped entire towns off the map and forced Fukushima’s residents from their homes as radiation leaked from the plant. The government estimates the disaster could cost nearly $200bn, and the clean-up may take until 2051.
Today the prefecture of Fukushima is still dealing with the aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. What happened that day, and what was it like for the people who lived through it?
The BBC’s Tui McLean explains how the triple disaster unfolded.

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  1. I saw a video yesterday of an australian girl living in Japan. She was at a farm in Fukushima picking vegetables? How is this possible if there is an exclusions zone? This was last year the vid was made.

  2. Well done BBC always looking for drama where there is none. The Japanese have already cleaned up and reclaimed and rebuilt in Fukushima, like they always do. Without help from the rest of the world like they always do. And always will do.

  3. It's sad that we always need a catastrophe first to change our ways. How can nuclear power be called safe when we still don't know what to do with the waste material?

  4. There was no one at the epicenter because it was 90 miles off the coast of Sendai. “..1000 years..” This was the strongest earthquake in Japan’s history. This is fifteen minutes of pure shit.

  5. I think the nuclear power is the worst thing mankind has brought upon the earth. There will be more nuclear disaster and should anyone decide to drop a nuclear bomp, half of the world will be destroyed.

  6. With a new development of a small reactors (SMR) seems like it is a time to go big on nuclear again. Still better then having no power like in Austin this year.

  7. It's incredible that no one died from radiation. They must have done a good job of evacuating everyone. Still, I don't know why the authorities thought it was a good idea building the plant next to the ocean, knowing how intense the earthquakes and tsunamis can be. It was literally an accident waiting to happen.

  8. 20,000 died from the earthquake and tsunami
    0 directly died from the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns
    Nuclear energy is statistically the safest form of electricity production, even safer than wind, hydro or solar.

  9. Fukushima has been ongoing sinde 2011, it kills the ocean a little more every day.
    All Japan has is millions of gallons of radioactive water which must be stored. And the amount is increasing by the hour.
    It is an ongoing nuclear accident, to think otherwise is naive.

  10. There are only nuclear fuel problems, not nuclear power problems. I know I know, semantics. But if we fix the problems of a meltdown, which some new reactors already incorporate, it's the cleanest energy supply the planet has.

  11. Ngl I feel scared imagining that one day, there's a possibility that another stronger one would hit. I heard that the citizens weren't given warnings before it happened. It just happened. I do hope the survivors from 2011 are recovering well even though they're recovering slowly, at least they're recovering from that time. I never experienced being in that situation but I know that it's genuinely terrifying. I can't even bring myself to think what it feels like being stuck in that situation, thinking whether you're gonna live or not or at least see your loved ones for one last time. I feel really upset about the people who had to go through that but it already happened, I'm just wishing and praying for their recovery from that time, and may the people who lost their lives to rest in peace :<

  12. Well if Teco covered up the fact there was a crack in the wall of the defense then they should be stripped an fired they had no right to fire that man for speaking about the evidence he found then he reported it as he should what a good man for standing up

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