Nigel Owens answers YOUR questions about the laws of the scrum feed | Whistle Watch

Nigel Owens answers YOUR questions about the laws of the scrum feed | Whistle Watch

Whistle Watch returns for the final time in its first season! This week, Nigel Owens reflects on Finn Russell’s red card, during their famous Six Nations win in France, we hand out some special awards including best celebration of the tournament, and Nigel takes us through some Welsh phrases! Plus, as always, Nigel goes through some of your questions, specifically one on the laws of the scrum feed!

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  1. A lot of us would be ecstatic if you would be kind enough to do another series sir.
    It helps us come to terms with the bereavement that our game suffered when you retired.
    I have watched rugby for 52 years and played for 38. Nigel is the best ref I have ever seen.

  2. Dear Mr Owens I doubt its "mae offer ar y bar" from yourself. You are an inspiration for me as I came out as trans just a couple of years ago . Thank you from the very bottom of my heart . I also came out as bi sexual at the same time . As one taff to another (born in Bridgend and lived a mile away from Pyle) thank you for being one of the finest refs .

    A quick question :

    Which is your favourite Max Boyce song ?
    Mine is "Rhondda Grey" . I always cry . Reminds me of home .

    Good health and love Natasha .

  3. Scrum Feeds are a problem at all levels, Elite, Club, Schools. Would rather it be officiated correctly or not at all, haveny seen it blown in years and never seen it blown at Club or Schools level.

  4. My Mam, when she was really annoyed with me or my Brothers, would say "I'm Tamping! " particularly when we came back covered in Mud from the Rugby field (pre Washing Machines). .Brings back Memories Rest in Peace, Mam.

  5. I believe weak officiating is starting to kill Rugby Union. Crooked scrums has become the norm I’m not sure hookers ever actually hook the ball anymore. I’m not picking on any team in particular but some of the six nations matches the scrums were a joke. The ball was fed straight to the back row. This to me makes scrums pretty much uncontested. If I wanted to watch this I would watch Rugby League. What sets Union apart from League for me is the contest at the scrum. The other thing is the amount of time wasted at scrums which for me is a joint problem with players and referees. Why can’t the clock be stopped as soon as a scrum has been called and the not restarted again until the ball is actually fed into the scrum.

  6. In light of your comments about Finn Russell miss timing his hand off and the incorrect body position of the French player should it REALLY have been a red card offence and not just may be a yellow card

  7. I was dreading a Six Nations without Nigel refereeing, but having this series and his appearances on Scrum V has more than made up for it! Adds that extra bit of quality to the Six Nations! Dîolch yn fawr!

  8. Nice watchable series by Nigel but yet again I have to wonder about the credibility of a world sport and its officials when listening to Nigel's answer about crooked feeds in the scrum.

    It is now virtually impossible to win a scrum against the head because of the abandonment of such feeds being blown up for and yet we have one of the Worlds leading refs over this period saying that the refereeing world has not been strong enough in calling crooked feeds as the law still stands as it always did but no explanation off Nigel as to why the law stopped being applied.

    Quite an astonishing statement in my view and obviously beggars the question as to when and why did rugby referees seemingly collectively decide to change the course of the game by deciding to allow crooked scrum feeds contrary to the law of the game? Another aspect of course that might well be raised is of course how and when did the violent taking out of players without the ball at the breakdown without penalty except in very worst of circumstances become accepted practice?

  9. Nigel Owen's, was the best ref around. Always fair and explained and broke it down very well,

    We say, going on the mitch in Ireland too. or depending the area your from say, going on the hop.

    Much respect, from Dublin Ireland…

  10. The Scrum is a total shambles at times, and the feed is NEVER straight! So giving the team with the put in a big unfair advantage…Perhaps you and Brian Moore could get that element of the game sorted lol. 🙂

  11. About time refs put a stop to crooked feed, every scrum half these days is pretty much throwing the ball straight in to flanker channel, may as well have uncontested scrums if there going to continue allow it.

  12. The Red cards will do the same for rugby that the *new rules did for football and led to diving and simulation.
    The new laws will lead to the man with the ball ducking at the last second to make a legal tackle, illegal.
    The defender won't know whether to go into a tackle at full speed or be half-hearted in case the body position of the attacker changes.
    In one of the red card incidents, the attacker came into the contact area leaning forward with the ball tucked well into the midriff…the defender couldn't go low because he would have been met by the knees of the attacker…the defender went high and brought the attacker down…only to be given a red card. Once again this new *law would have resulted in injury.
    finally, I can't believe that a rugby man from Wales would be involved in taking physical contact out of the game because that is what will happen…I say again Look At Football…I don't want the most important man in rugby to be sitting in a booth somewhere away from the ground…not the players involved.

  13. Have really enjoyed this series. Nigel is funny, insightful, and these episodes have been a real pleasure. I very much hope that he and World Rugby decide to do this again next year, or for other competitions, including, as others have suggested, the Women’s Six Nations.

  14. i knew the popty ping one hahaha…
    I hope Nigel will do a second season of Whistle Watch … it was great to watch and entertaining … in the mean time : stay safe and healthy

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