Ukraine accuses Russia of stoking tensions, and military build-up increases

Ukraine accuses Russia of stoking tensions, and military build-up increases

Ukraine has accused Russia of building up hundreds of troops near the border, with violence spreading in the Donbass region.

Satellite images and witness testimony shows troop numbers building up only miles from the Ukraine border where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been given Russian passports.

The Russian government says the movements are just an exercise.

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  1. NATO must disappear from the face of the earth so that the planet can finally breathe freely … While the USSR existed, NATO claimed that it was not fighting against Russia but against communism …?! Now that we have the same political system in Russia … – it is clear: That NATO was a liar, and that the war against Russia has nothing to do with politics and the system, but its BACKGROUND … – criminal robbery of oil and raw materials (ores) Russia is too rich … (Siberia in particular) … This farce with Ukraine: is just a delusion of PUBLIC OPINION in Western countries, to believe that NATO is fighting for some national rights of Ukrainians …
    Ukraine was a state of the USSR, Ukrainians speak the same language as the Russians … Kiev used to be the main ugly of Russia …!? What are we talking about then … About the fascist farce that is being carried out in public that has been manipulated and does not know the real truth and motives – hitting NATO with "war drums" … The motive is the same: As in Libya and Iraq …! But Russia is not Libya … Putin is not … – Gaddafi … NATO is for Russia …- HITLER and that is why they will destroy it completely …

  2. Это полигон недалеко от Воронежа. Пока от него до Украины доедешь камаз десять раз отремонтируешь.

  3. Russians don't respect Ukrainian lives. My grandmother almost starved in Stalins famine.
    I'm Ukrainian and it's a cruel irony that the biggest threat for us are other Russians

  4. A third world war is the last thing that Russia wants, they don't have the hundreds of miles of territories they held during the Warsaw pact.
    The dollar can out spend their worthless ruble anytime of the week.

  5. The camp of the Russian armed forces on the territory of Russia – what a horror. Better tell us about the military camps in Syria, where America pumps out oil. Or about Afghanistan, where America covers the production of drugs.

  6. Кто их туда пустил, вражин? Нашим спецслужбам "2" за такую работу. Агрессивным бритам на заметку: никто и никогда не смеет нам указывать, что нам делать. Мы- на своей земле. Ваша- маленький дождливый остров. Сидите там и не высовывайтесь. Понятно?


  8. Россию можно сравнить с импотентом, который мнит себя супер – мачо, а по факту, на что способен, это показать всему миру, какой он эксгибиционист.

  9. Я горжусь нашими парнями , когда к нам в Крым зашла наша русская Армия – Освободительница – от вида которой украинские оккупанты бежали без одного выстрела , я понял что мы наконец свободны от украинского нацизма на моей земле будет мир и покой . Да эта не та армия в которой я служил в 1986 году ., нынешняя армия перевооружена ,укомплектована боеспособна , но и тогда мы готовы были уничтожить НАТО но пришёл Горбачёв и уничтожил СССР … Я переживаю только за то что к власти придет такой человек как Горбачёв и Ельцин , а так у меня сердце за Россию спокойно , а мы в Крыму русские умножение на двое . Если на мою землю ко мне в Крым придет солдат НАТО то я хоть одного но отправлю к праотцам , даже если за его жизнь заплачу своей жизнью , а так желаю всем Мира , Добра , Процветания .

  10. The entire Land of Tavria belongs to the ceilings of Prince Constantine. Someone else's land must be returned to the owners. This is the Crimea and the Kherson region and etc.
    The government of the Russian Federation consists of Ceilings of the Nobles now.
    There is one reason why all the land of the Noblemen of the Russian Federation is transferred to their owners.
    Russian Nobles do not leave the battlefield without an order.
    Shoigu One of the descendants of the Nobles in the Kudryavtseny line. So the Lands of the Nobles of the Russian Federation must be returned.
    Count Tolstoy and Medvedev are a descendant of the Last Emperor in the Senate of Russia.
    RF has the structure of the Constitutional monarchy today.
    So they will show everyone how Prince Suvorov is in their campaigns.

  11. 270 kilometers from the border with Ukraine …))) and everyone has already crap … but what about Kiev's assertion that Ukraine has been at war with Russia for 7 years?
    Why didn't the journalist say that Ukraine had started pulling troops and military equipment to Donetsk and Lugansk since the end of February?
    and don't get out your eyes! )))
    and hello to everyone from Brilliant Moscow …

  12. Обнаружили секретный военный лагерь России ! Где по середине поля на 15 метров Российский флаг торчит ! Ну шпионы ай да разведка

  13. Знакомая российская грязь, знакомое с советских времен массовое давление военной силой на общественное сознание. Как это все примитивно и по-российски глупо.

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