What If Earth Smashed Into a Gas Giant Planet

What If Earth Smashed Into a Gas Giant Planet

There’re so many fascinating things happening right above our heads now: planets fusing with one another, black holes devouring planets, amazing space auroras, diamond rains and what not!

It’s amazing how the wold is so much bigger than our house, our home town, evener planet! Let’s explore the processes happening in Space at this very moment. Are you ready for an unforgettable journey?

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  1. Couldnt render a model of Wasp12b?…. I find that a little silly, considering the effort put into the rest of the presentation!? Why use Jupiter?…Is it made up of the same compositions as wasp12b as i doubt it looks anything like it. I would fathom a guess & say it would look more like saturn without the rings…less paterns, and just a cloudy egg!?

  2. @ 53s into the video, "Its (Venus's) gravity is almost 100x stronger than ours". So incorrect! Venus has about the same (91%) gravity as Earth, its the atmospheric pressure that's almost 100x (92x) that of Earth's.

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