Democrats: Voting Rights In, Anti-Corruption Out

Democrats: Voting Rights In, Anti-Corruption Out

Democrats are considering a “Democracy Exception” to pass at least part of H.R. 1, the “For the People Act” – but that’s only half the battle. Wosny Lambre and Cenk Uygur have more details on The Young Turks.

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“When Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia opened the door this week to making it more “painful” to block legislation, some Democrats saw a game-changing opportunity to remake the Senate and lift a key obstacle to a progressive agenda.”

Hosts: Wosny Lambre, Cenk Uygur

Cast: Wosny Lambre, Cenk Uygur


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  1. As much as anti-corruption is needed, I think the voting rights are infinitely more necessary. Not passing voting rights means we will snowball towards an autocracy. Not passing anti corruption now still lets us try again later.

  2. Play the long game. Fine, keep corruption and make voting easier nationally. The only "party" truly for the benefit of our country is the progressives.
    Make voting fair and easy, and wait a few elections. We'll continue to get more representatives that support the will of the people. Anti-corruption legislation will inevitably follow.

  3. "The democratic establishment is nearly indistinguishable from the never trumpers." I can distinguish them. When republicans passed their giant corporate tax giveaway to the rich, every establishment democrat was against it and every never trumper was for it.

  4. I wonder if many of these Senators have ever been properly educated on the history of what the filibuster is then asked if they still support defending this “tradition”

  5. The Democrats rig their primaries to prevent any movement to the left Republicans rig the general to push the country to the right. The Democrats are the new Republican Party and Republicans are the new American Nazi Party

  6. American "Democracy" is nuts. Lets have a 2 party system with an even split of votes and require a super majority to pass any legislation. IT IS INSANE, designed to fail, designed to keep the status quo in place. Democrats need to grow a set, if they get rid of the filibuster and take bold concrete action people will love them. Or they can do sweet bugger all and trade power back and forth every election. I'm Canadian, so I don't have a dog in the fight, but unfortunately your craziness bleeds over the boarder.

  7. The exception to democracy IS the filibuster. Not using the power you have to remove it and achieve your agenda is criminal.. Especially when Republicans have demonstrated that they ignore "traditions" to pass their agenda whenever necessary – so it provides no real assurances when Dem's lose power. Nuke it.

  8. option 3 is the one in a perfect world, the supreme court may strike that shit down because theyre part of the grift. we need the best we can get, this country is majority to the left and governed for the benefit of the few rather than the benefit of the many. we're not gonna solve all our problems in one bill, this is going to be a decades long fight, of multiple election cycles. Biden is way better than trump and better than expected but its gonna take a larger push over many years to truly get the government aligned with the will of the true majority.

  9. While Schumer's positions are still insufficiently progressive, I see plenty of daylight between him and Mitch McConnell. Schumer is against voter suppression, believes in climate change, and voted to impeach just to mention three things I really care able. What exactly is the point of ending the filibuster[which I support] if they can't whip Manchin, Sinema, and the other senator who voted against the $15 minimum wage, into line?

  10. My 2 cents. There are still too many corporate Dems to get progressive economic policies. Manchin, Sinema and others would keep those things out. But passing the voting protections would keep Republicans out of power and dragging us further backwards. With voting rights protected, we can then kick out more of the corporate Dems with more Justice Dems and get those economic policies passed eventually.

    It was like the choice of Biden v Trump. Yes, Biden is a status quo guy, but voting for him saved our democracy from the would-be tyrant. Yes, it would have been better if Bernie had won the Dem nomination but that didn't happen.

  11. Hr 1 is to allow the new illegal immigrants the ability to vote.
    Makes sense if you remember their stands on open border.
    Get it ' For the people act'
    (For the immigrant people act)

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