Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change?

Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change?

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Do we need nuclear energy to stop climate change? More and more voices from science, environmental activists and the press have been saying so in recent years – but this comes as a shock to those who are fighting against nuclear energy and the problems that come with it. So who is right? Well – it is complicated.

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  1. I think the team of Kurzgesagt should investigate climate change beyond what mainstream political activists are saying. Even if the whole world magically switched to clean energy and CO2 emissions dropped to zero, the climate change will keep on going. Because it's something else that is causing it.
    Its the modern agriculture. The way we plow fields, build structures, cities and highways is the reason why it's happening. The terrain changes and the soil is damaged. It gets pressurized to the point where the natural pores dissappear and it no longer the water through. Ramps of soil that are built near highways drain the terrain of water. The underground water dries out too. The surface becomes dense and further prevents from water draining. Erosion happens more frequently. Vegetation dries on the newly drained landmass. Those surfaces spread and desert grows. Precipitation diminishes which further contributes to the area becoming dry. Because the ground can no longer absorb water properly, this causes more extreme floods that carry fertile soil to the rivers and eventually to the seas. And since all the vegetation is more dry, there are more wildfires.

    Good news is that this means that wo don't really need to do anything quickly about our use of oil and coal. And more good news is that this problem is easily solvable with our current technology just by plumping the soil up around our structures and fields. It requires minimal effort and energy. It just requires for humanity to learn this new practice.

    Bad news is that nobody talks about it yet, and that everyone is solving the wrong problem!

  2. It is not hard to transition from oil to nuclear. You simply get the nuclear plant online and tested, and only then shut the oil power plant down. Any power grid will collapse if its voltage or frequency vary by as much as 1% for up to 24 consecutive seconds. And the massive power storage facilities required if solar and wind are more than a tiny percentage of the total power generated, are prohibitively expensive.

  3. "nuclear is dangerous" because we don't experiment enough!? fuel was once very dangerous too, so were hydroelectric power plants that would constantly sink entire villages and small cities in few instants upon accident!

  4. 7:43 July 2021 here, BC saw the hottest day ever in one town then the town caught fire and vanished from the planet (via forest fire), a few weeks later Germany saw a deadly flood.
    We are there now folks, not 10 in years time.

  5. There is nothing we can do about climate change! It has been happening for millions of years an it always will happen! We should have started preparing 100years ago! If you look at the last 20000 years the earth's temperature has been falling at a steady rate and it will continue to! The earth has cooled 10 degrees since man first evolved with short slow warming periods and much longer cooling periods and man adapts very well. But when the earth good through long minimums the atmospheric Co2 drops rapidly and if it drops much more we won't have food!

  6. Renewables are NOT the future of energy and never will be. The future is nuclear, and perhaps fusion if it turns out to actually be possible under the laws of physics.

  7. Biggest irony is Germany Green Party. They refuse to build nuclear power plants but they gladly import nuclear energy from France. Hence why theirs 2 nuclear plants near its border.

  8. I never had a more disapointing scene from kurzgesagt, here is where you should make the differents, with modern technology nuclear is the best option' . It should be in there , doesn't matter what cost or F. Please don't let me down kurzgezagt !! Otherwhise i'le start thinking that you'll been compromised

  9. But nuclear IS renewable, they can recharge the fuel rods in the newer reactors but we aren't building them in the US because of antiquated regulatory constraints. And the biggest problem with "renewables" such as solar and wind, is that they use up huge amounts of land. Often times arable land that we need to farm or as forest carbon sinks. Nuclear produces the most electricity for the least cost to the environment.

  10. Like,
    The stuff that u need to build renewable energy, its from earth, that u need to dig using tool that need fossil fuel, and u need bateries, and those batteries material also very toxic, nuclear is the only way.

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