French lawyer gets Sputnik V shot in Moscow, cites lack of trust in home vaccines

French lawyer gets Sputnik V shot in Moscow, cites lack of trust in home vaccines

Vaccination tourism is gaining momentum across the EU, with some traveling as far as Russia to get inoculated, like French lawyer Maitre Duflot who made his way to Moscow to get the COVID shot. He speaks to RT explaining why he chose the Russian jab over what the EU has on offer.

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  1. The kind of lawyers the British victim of psychological organised torture by the bbc,a government scientist his employer and family.Along with authority figures all abusers in removing the human rights of a British man for years,Access in the workplace to play hypnotic suggestions that cause excruciating left side of the brain headaches.Piggy back hypnotic suggestions over YouTube or podcasts from the USA.The television industry parasite narcissist and the scientist think it’s funny to steal a human life.
    With electronic stalking,how can the victim ever prove it?They want to cause frustration,inciting violence,begging tears a man kicking off so a television parasite narcissist can get a film for his parasite narcissist television programme.
    The scientist is a unethical criminal.These criminals must be exposed and a good lawyer to represent the victim.

  2. France is the only Permanent member of the UN Security Council who has not developed a a COVID19 vaccine… due to 30 years of capitalism that defunded and therefore destroyed our institutions such as education, sciences ,research.. even the institute Pasteur is just the shadow of itself and fired hundreds of scientists recently so they can pay their shareholders in time… Due to neoliberals leaders such as Macron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Chirac.. privatising, privatising, privatising is all is happening. then they fund those private groups with our taxpayers money, millions /billions of euros ( I call it corporate-socialisme). French politicians found those private groups with no counterparts, no assurance of delivering progress or creating jobs or paying local taxes instead of using loopholes to avoid them buy opening an office in Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, Jersey … aka the lately “OpenLux scandal”.

  3. He's French, he doesn't have a home vaccine. As a journalist, it's odd that he goes to Russia, not the safest place for journalists. Maybe a lot more transparency about Russia and it's vaccine will help everyone believe this story a bit. The Argentine President had Stupnik V then contracted Covid. It doesn't inspire confidence in the Russian jab

  4. I know someone who was paralyzed in the left arm after taking the AZ vxx. They suppress these types of stories every day. Plenty of ppl have first hand accounts of bad reactions, hence the mistrust. Just last night, a friend told me of a doctor he knows, whose face is now paralyzed after taking the Pfzr one. Is it really worth the risk?

  5. I was vaccinated in Moscow back in January with my mother (80 years old). No side effects on the following days, absolutely nothing. As if they just injected saline. Antibodies are at a high level today.

  6. OK, so where is the class action lawsuit against the obvious criminals?
    There is no medical-scientific justification for not allowing/using Sputnik V.
    Of course not voting for the criminals is always better, but some legal theater would already be refreshing to see. (Although the outcome of that would very likely not be satisfactory at all, due to the systemic nature of the problem.)

  7. I am a US Army military veteran. I live near the Russian border. I wish I could get the vaccination from Russia, the Sputnik V and come for a thirty day vacation while doing so. I would love to see the important places there like the Kremlin, the churches, museums, monuments. I keep trying to figure out a way there but none offer permission to go there nor the covid jab. I am made disabled by military service and have some health concerns. I feel covid would potentially kill me or my family. I already have a sore throat since I left the service six years ago and now have a growth in my thyroid. Can’t get any results for help here for that. I have an issue now with fainting. Can’t figure out why. Maybe Sputnik would be to harsh for me. Who can know. I am already in trouble with my country for being the wrong race. I get trouble anyway have to force myself out of my house to go do things, eat, entertainment. I went to a movie yesterday. Wonder Woman. Wish I could fly again. immorality as the form of love. Addictions as a method to fly, no form of drug addiction. The lasso she used is satanic, but not in the show. Don’t know how she got her power except she claimed to be rooted in truth. Her partners did to. With their romance we could switch out her partner for a woman like they did in the movie, ‘Ghost’. I left the show feeling troubled and not knowing why. Felt myself to be a bad person. I know they are making people like me sign waivers because we die from the vaccination. I haven’t heard from any source About the deaths of any with Sputnik except they thought one person died but was unrelated. I would like to know what to do. I can’t travel anymore. I have citizenship where I am living. I am too sick to travel anymore and have no fun back home. I feel I have no choice but to get the vaccination for the trouble of needing constant tests and worry of death around every corner. I can’t even find a doctors office I can see a specialist. When does six year sore throat become cancerous or do I never worry? What about the growth. Wonder Woman the movie was all about wishes. Evil and adulterous generation need a sign. The last scene of Wonder Woman they let go of a red star balloon for celebration. I thought of the famous red star near the Kremlin. I thought unbelievable. Wonder Woman doesn’t wish for boycott does she? What about AstraZeneca? Who is killing who? Both are killing. I thought I should get the AstraZeneca covid immunization because they had it here but they don’t have enough and as far as I know it will never be offered to me as a foreign entity. I will post and say good for them, but will need to erase my mind for this is troubling for me.

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