Why has a children’s book on Covid-19 angered Chinese diplomats in Germany?

Why has a children’s book on Covid-19 angered Chinese diplomats in Germany?

“A Corona Rainbow for Anna and Moritz,” a book to help children understand the pandemic and hygiene rules, has been taken off the market in Germany after Chinese diplomats complained it implied a direct link between Covid-19 and China.

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  1. But i bet Germany and china has no problem saying that aids come from Africa, when there's not enough evidence to prove it, if aids did come from Africa we would have had studies of the infection symptoms before the 70's aids is a virus that attacks blood cells, is something that can be made in a lab.

  2. Bruh, how germany changed it so fast. If it was discrimination of Islam and not of China, this book would remain same. What a double standard of europeans.
    (Muslim don't have feeling according to their ideology)

  3. they dnt do with only china..they do with us also..by making their own thought n own understanding like india they publish n mock at islam,our history,culture,prophet n our ruler …they known for spread misinformation n biased news

  4. I'm tired of this. It seems to me even the Chinese government acknowledged a the start of the pandemic that it originated from China. So something that is a fact now becomes offensive?

  5. So a german so called comedian insulted turkish people and the turkish PM with harsh words. some years ago. Turkey was not amused about this and urged Germany to take it back. The reply from germans? "We have freedom of speech"

    Guess Germany in 2021 doesn't have freedom of speech anymore.

  6. And these chinese have the nerve to say that putting potentially over a million Uighur Muslims in camps is necessary because of "religious extremism" when they themselves are the extremists who can't take any criticism and censor anything negative about them even when it is true.

  7. first slave trading started with Europeans but Germans did not put that in their pre school books do they or imagine China teaching their kids about making soap and telling them idea originated from germany:)) …this kind of information for young brains can create a generation of Chinesse haters and Germany has already created a generation of haters once in history and we all know what happened after….when we will learn?
    i should mention that i been tested covid positive last week and writing this while i am isolating. no hate all love

  8. when it was starting to wreak havoc in chine The chinese media called the virus the Wuhan virus, and when everyone started using it they realised that it brought china as a country in bad rep, sothey started calling out people for racism.

  9. For some reasons, West is so eager to put all the blames on East for their (western) problems. COVID-19 might have started from China but it is not confirmed. Or was it created by cyber-bio wing of CIA, or is it the work of MI6? What do you say about France which is thinking to become a new superpower? For last 600 years they have done everything to blame and destroy the East. Now they should look into their backyard to solve their problems.

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