🇹🇿 Will John Magufuli's COVID-free claim lead to deaths in Tanzania? | The Stream

🇹🇿 Will John Magufuli's COVID-free claim lead to deaths in Tanzania? | The Stream 1

In Tanzania, the deaths of government officials along with a sharp rise in pneumonia cases have fueled existing speculation that the country’s COVID-19 statistics are being kept under wraps.

Tanzania’s health institutions have not reported a single case of coronavirus since last April. According to a Reuters news agency tally, death tolls across the African continent are rising as several countries suffer a second wave of coronavirus, but there are no immediate plans to vaccinate Tanzanians. Instead, President John Magufuli has encouraged citizens to pray and rely on traditional remedies for disease prevention.

In this episode of The Stream, we’ll discuss what Tanzania’s alleged COVID denial could mean for its citizens and neighbouring countries’ efforts to stop the pandemic.

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  1. Bad Medicine, Bad Science, The Dark Side Of Science, Mans goals with Viruses are no different than his goals with Atomic Weapons. Read “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker to better understand the Truth about COVID-19. Dr Strecker, a Medical Doctor with a PhD in Pharmacology said, “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything.

  2. This was a manufactured crisis. Event 201 was a drill in October 2019. This was a drill gone live. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. This is The Great Reset agenda being pushed into hyperdrive by Klaus Schwab. This is UN Agenda 2030. This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is the Transhumanist agenda, this is the merger of man and machine. Global governance is at our doorstep. This is being implemented under the justification of this C-1984 crisis. According to these technocrats; we don't get a say in this, we don't even get a vote according to them. These technocrats are deciding the future of humanity for us right now and guess what? The future of humanity isn't human at all.

  3. The measures like in europe, lockdowns, what could it help? Sure theres covid too in tansania, but you think they could prevent full hospitals with lockdowns?
    Thats ridicoulous, they would invent only hunger and unrest. In a developping country all corona measures will lead to much more death than it would save.
    I am not so sure if it is that different in developped countries….
    The population is young and there are other much more deadly diseases there, Covid is not a real danger there for the people, compared to other things, lets see it realistic.
    Almost all blackafrican countries only do c-measures for the show, and that makes sense as they dont get trouble with the IWF.
    Tansania is the only country that doesnt want to take part in the show, in reallife theres no difference to other blackafrican countries.
    So the easy answer to your question is: NO, the presidents actions lead to LESS deaths.

  4. They should have also brought those who support Magufuli approach to give a balanced assessment. With this fear Countries are accepting vaccines without first testing & verifying. This is sad as nations are not exercising their sovereignty.

  5. I have 2 nephews who frequent Tanzania from Zimbabwe. They also don't wear masks in Tanzania but do so here. We had 3 high level government officials buried at National Heroes Acre on the same day because of Covid yet we are a masked nation under lockdown. I prefer Magufuli approach!

  6. before murder him he was able to defend … now is dead… rats are free to eat the cheese ..
    Rip to this Tanzanian president.. Humanity should know what u done for us … but rats not allowed. .

  7. Love to fellow humans in Tanzania ❤️ from India..
    I have one question…

    Is the death of the president natural?
    Or do u think there is some mystery in it?

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