Democrats want Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from House committee

Democrats want Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from House committee

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is facing pressure to punish Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene over her support of conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric. Democrats on the House Education and Labor Committee are calling for her removal from the panel. Congressman Andy Levin, the vice chair of that committee, joined “CBSN AM” to discuss.


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  1. I’m not a Republican nor a Democrat. So my comment has no political affiliation.

    The Republican Party is not what it use to be, it’s getting Dumber and Dumber.

  2. impeachment is causing division. all republicans need to unite the party and impeach joe biden. his video bragging bout the firing of a ukraine prosecutor proves his corruptness and should have never been allowed to run for president. that video is ten times worse than what the dems tried to impeach trump on… hipocrits wake up america. trump is a threat to the left because he spits the truth why else is he being taken off twitter along with other conservitives speech being sensored . the lies by the left are shut down when the truth is told

  3. She schould not be punished for telling her view of thing it her view would you be upset if people said that what you say is wrong thsnk you she has the right to think for herself she was elected because she's beloved strongly so let it go we elected her not you she belongs where ever we vote her your wrong who fo you people think you are you people killed little kids in Portland or supported the people who did really bad thing and then you guys support them it ok for you but not other that's wrong .democrstes have not done any thing in years .if they wanted to hurt people I would think it would have been alot worse but Mr trump stated he wanted a free and fair election arszona committee is doing an audit and 15 more states are falling in line do don't speak do fast .why do you think he's doing everything do fast .when are the vaccine here .she's smarter than most .why are you talking about her is this the kind of print you want if you open a school would it be your fault if one kid dies that's one job I would not want ,great idea vacinne door to door get the army involved there safe the people need help now

  4. Meantime swawell is still on the intelligence committee, after being found out he has a relationship with chinese spy. Greene has a right to file impeachment on biden, he's been a corrupt politician for 47 years and counting

  5. Ilhan Omar defending the terrorists of 9/11 and racist anti semetic remarks are acceptable, but how dare a conservative be allowed to serve. The hypocrisy is laughable.

  6. Let’s be real… I was a publicist in DC for years, for a business of one of the most powerful families on the planet. This is how it works… The SAME WIRE, which is PRE-WRITTEN by whoever has the authority to write such (and I did) goes out to EVERY media house. They make little to no changes. They either just reprint verbatim or they use it for talking points called “sound bites.” There is NO research, NO investigating, NO “journalism” on the part of the media. They don’t even get to decide what is and is not “newsworthy.” They are not permitted to say anything that has not been pre-approved. These people are mindless drones. What is “reported” is dictated to them. That includes “leaks.” PERIOD. Don’t believe me? Put the name of whoever they are attacking at the moment, in the search bar. I bet ALL of the “top” corporate media outlets will be at the top of the list, all peddling smear stories about whoever is in the crosshairs. Doesn’t matter who it is or what they did… the IMPORTANT part is to get YOU, the listener, to believe it. Not to burst your bubble, but what you are seeing and hearing was conscripted by some wealthy, powerful bureaucrat who has a political and financial reason to disparage whoever happens to be in the crosshairs du jour. Usually, it’s someone who threatens their wealth or political agenda. And they use these talking heads to do it. That’s your “news.”

  7. I'm a republican and I want her removed.
    100,000 registered Republicans have fled the party since the riot and still the lunatics in leadership are refusing to publicly condem these brainwashed fanatics. I'm sick of this lunacy, if you want to know who the traitors are lts simple, the traitors are the ones who tried to subvert the constitution and the democratic process. THESE PEOPLE ARE THE THREAT!!!!!!!!

  8. marjorie greene is a congress member of Education Committee and good behavior ,she harassed a shooting survivor, also she said that Parkland shooting was a hoax and inside job..if a mayor ,or police chief said that ,he will resign the next day or will remove from his job

  9. They are doing to Greene what they have done to Trump… if they do that to her then they need to do that to themselves for all the dems hate speeches last summer!!! True Americans will not tolerate anymore school yard bullying!

  10. Mrs Taylor ck on tires on plane there like thick more than 47 ply ck manufacture spect they won't just disapear also engine block was never found there noway it just disspesred they can't where are what left of tired there made not to melt under temp because they get hot when they land ck into it prove there it is the block engine and the tires just have them explain where did they go and the wings the building was not broken up wide enough ask them where the wings went if the can answer than agree if they can then than they can't .look it up thank you for your support it popular to be right and the other thing in impeachment trial of Mr trump Mr collin ask me goldman about the quad pro co and he said he was asking under presidental order watch the tape it's on your tube Mr collin and Mr goldman. Ck it out

  11. There is a new generation of true Republicans like Rep. Greene and Rep. Gaetz. If we get fair elections in all States, there will be a day of reckoning. Hold on established D.C. elites living in the Swamp!

  12. This women is whacked…what is wrong with intelligent people not knowing the difference . Why are some Republicans having a problem knowing the diference. The Republicans have hurt thier party by not doing whats best for our country. THAT WOMEN IS A TRAITOR .

  13. Liz Cheney can stay she has kept herself in check the congresswomen I want out are Greene, Omar, Sanchez, Collins, Murkowski, and Cortez. Green is a conspiracy theorist and a liar she is worse then Adam Schiff. Omar needs to be removed from congress and deported back to Iran she keeps preaching their bull crap. Sanchez and Cortez need to be removed and because they support illegal immigration and they are not US citizens. Collins needs to be removed because he policies don't support America and Murkowski needs to go because she supports extremism.

  14. I don’t mean to scare the kids, but when kids go to the Natural History Museum they’re going to see models of Neanderthal women who look exactly like Marjorie Taylor Greene. Just remember kids, the Neanderthals were nicer and better people than Marjorie, so don’t be afraid.

  15. Bigot: a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.
    "Please don't let a few small-minded hateful bigots destroy the good image of our great nation”

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