Gravitas Plus: International Mother Language Day 2021

Gravitas Plus: International Mother Language Day 2021

1 Indigenous language vanishes from Earth every fortnight. This #MotherLanguageDay, spend 10 minutes understanding the challenges facing our native languages. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you how parents, teachers, govt officials can all come together to save mother languages around the world.

#GravitasPlus #MotherLanguage

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  1. We speak malayalam at home, we live in Finland. It's funny to see some people speak English at home forgetting their mother tongue. I remember some one that we know said that their kid don't know how to write in malayalam coz it's hard to teach many languages so they taught English and Finnish and opt to leave malayalam out.

  2. It is very hard to run a country with different languages, there should be one language in India. Since most of the people understand Hindi and speaks more or less we should make Hindi as the one language throughout India.

  3. I am Bangladeshi and I proudly speak Bengali everywhere thanks to our language martyrs. – আমি বাংলাদেশি এবং আমি সর্বত্র গর্বের সহিত বাংলা বলি,এজন্য আমাদের ভাষা শহীদদের ধন্যবাদ।

  4. Well said, I agree with you. You should know the Tamil Language had had The First Sangam, The Middle Sangam and the Kadai Sangam, the World only one old language with rich in grammar, and still living with Her pride. But, you said as a National language, Hindhi is pressed the North East and North West Himalayan Languages, saying that, if know Hindhi, you can live good life. But they loosen their life, what their elders lived. My request is that, Even though, I respect Hindhi, I fear, it is making the other languages to vanish, by imposition of laws. Also you said Hindhi is spoken 44% in India, but, in that 50% of them are mother tongue forgotten people. Whereas, Tamil is still spoken by the people, who by birth, from their anchesterial, in different part of the World, where ever you go, you can see, ethnic Tamil people their, because of , as you said developers of the languages from the ancient time. So, respect our Mother Tongue as our Mother, and also respect the other languages as others Mom. Thank you. Jai Hind

  5. Then madam what don't you speak your mother tongue ,I don't think that there are any other state has English as their mother tongue.
    If Hindi can't be made Hindi as the national
    Language then ,let it stay as a official language but remove English then . A foreign language shouldnt be placed higher than an Indian language or it can be placed equal to our lamguages

  6. And Yet She is not expressing her mother tongue in a show of "International Mother Language Day 2021"?!?! Might Sound Ironic. I Understand that some level of formalities are meant to be kept. But not being sometimes for the majority of our life (in our profession) being forced into a corner to speak a Globally recognizable language (English) rather than embracing our own special languages that are extremely valuable to us (individually). I'll leave the reast for debate in this comments section.

  7. 7:20= "Give Me One Reasone Why We Shouldn't Save It"

    Me= My mother language is doing just fine, I'm exercising it every day. (My Mother Tongue Is Bangle)

    Me again= Because I'm selfish & only care about my own language disregarding every other. That is not to say other languages are trash, I didn't say that, just that those languages retain no value to me. I grue up listening to my mother tongue & I have grown a string bond with my native language. I can't feel the same bond with a unknown language. Not to say we as a whole can't spread the love for once own's self native language or teach others to show love & respect for there own language. We can, It's just not practical in our daily busy lives!

    Just an openion, I mean no offence.

  8. हम अपनी भाषा बोलेंगे और अपनी विरासत को बचाएंगे। भारत में सभी को अन्य लुप्तप्राय भाषाओं के साथ संस्कृत का अध्ययन करना चाहिए

  9. Sanskrit should be taught extensively because Most of the languages are derived from it. Let's save the source and enormous knowledge it
    btw, India need ONE national language, I don't care if it is Tamil, hindi, assamese, bangla, telugu.. just having one National language is important.
    I would be happy if it's Sanskrit or Tamil.
    Although so called liberals and political organisation will oppose one language and will try to divide us for political gain.

  10. खुद की भाषा लिखने/बोलने में कैसी शर्म? हमें अपनी भाषा पर गर्व होना चाहिए। अधिकांश देश खुद की भाषा को प्राथमिकता देते हैं, हम क्यों अंग्रेज़ी को साक्षरता का प्रमाण मानते हैं?
    अधिक से अधिक खुद की भाषा का प्रयोग करना चाहिए हमें, मौखिक हो या लिखित, औपचारिक हो या अनौपचारिक।

  11. English has been made globle language and people emphasis on that coz need need to b in rat race..

    Our education system should change….. Till 5 STD student should be given chance for everything to learn new language, new activity,cleaning there own rooms or house…. and not just bookish knowledge which is not use in future…

  12. My mother tongue is telugu bt i m born nd brought in odisha i cn speak telugu , odia, hindi, english.
    Bt as today ppl give too much imprtnc to english jst to prove their status in d society.
    Every languge is beautiful in its way so give importnce to evry languge.

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