Gravitas: Rihanna, Greta Thunberg tweet on Farmers protest

Gravitas: Rihanna, Greta Thunberg tweet on Farmers protest

Rihanna and Greta Thunberg are tweeting on the Indian Farmers Protest. A British MP wants to debate the farm laws. While the world is free to comment – are they defeating the farmers’ cause with all the clamour? WION’s Palki Sharma has more.

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  1. Greta were you sleeping when there were horrifying riots in Sweden …. Why so much interested in India and not give a shit about your own ??? … And Rihanna ?? Seriously??? Do we need to make laws as per a popstar's opinion …

  2. Had we not wanted international interference, India would not have actively participated in the likes of UNO, G8, G20 and other such international bodies designed for diplomatic well being of everyone

  3. 3.59 clearly India respects protests and we have all seen the bleeding and dying farmers in Delhi. What a wonderful way to show respect by the means of lathi charge, water splashing, calling them khalistanis, terrorists, not having a legitimate dialogue with the protesting bodies. What wonderful democracy

  4. This channel also biased…
    Keep on Pretending to be a free channel when it comes to china,pakistan or north korea but when it comes to india this channels shows its bias.

  5. Perhaps India should stop accepting aid from UK £98 millions is a lot of money . From USA India received more the 5 million. Way accept the money if you don't want to be ruled and influenced.

  6. you are such a hypocrite on the things you talk about first of all your country is filtering and it's told to me by many people that lived in India second of all there is a lot of sexism it goes on the companies come here in the usa. Also you need to stop bashing the USA and Donald Trump what you're saying is that undividing more will be done for India by the United States which India does not even deserve. make your own money create your own companies create your own world and stop depending on us for anything we don't need your country. We've never harmed your country England has Britain has of course but not us and we've taken zillions of refugees if you have a problem with that the problem is Democrats who are afraid to let more Indians and because they might vote Republican it's just such bull crap some of the stuff on your station when you come up with these weird left-wing beliefs it just absurd

  7. also you have to have the the Canadian people and call them whiners and complainers you get mad when someone attacks India your country's disgusting it's filthy it doesn't mean I don't like Indian people but come on it's disgusting I would never want to live there

  8. Why wion is against the hastags. Those hashtags worth it. The indian govt is trying many ways to disrupt the protest. There were so many un-democratical things happened against the farmers. The indian govt is destroying farmers. So, the hashtags worth it. The world need to see this.

  9. I used to be a Fan of this channel, but later I came to know that this is also Run by Essel Group, the same that Runs Zee News channel as well. That's why I can understand why you are BJP concentric.

  10. I think if I was a celebrity, I would choose to just not have social media.
    It is too easy to spread misinformation or influence others with your opinion.
    Better to leave certain public discussions to people who are better educated and informed.
    With freedom of speech comes also responsibility, especially if your “speech” is a very loud voice heard and respected by many.
    (And yes, there are celebrities who do not have social media)

  11. When China persecutes Uyghurs then it is human right violation but when Indian police are building a Second Berlin Wall and placing spike traps then it is fair game?? Wion exposed??

  12. Thank you for all you've done from my heart please be well and safe I've been vegan for 70 years and asked so many to try to not eat animals but no one listens . we are in trouble but with any luck a pandemic will remove meat eaters lolhahahaha

  13. India does not need advice from an infant culture. She has cared for her people, without help from anyone, for centuries. The West should fix its own problems first before interfering with others.

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