Mitch McConnell calls GOP lawmaker's conspiracy theories 'cancer' for the party

Mitch McConnell calls GOP lawmaker's conspiracy theories 'cancer' for the party

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell released a pointed statement calling conspiracy theories that have been espoused by freshman lawmaker Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) a “cancer for the Republican Party.” CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Ryan Nobles discuss.

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  1. McConnell helped create the Republican Party that is now in full swing. He gave life to the Trump MONTER! Now he's upset that the Monster is out of control?!! Spare us all!

  2. Come on people this is America and in this country politicians and rich people do not have any consequences to their criminal actions look at trump I thought that NY was charging him well where are they

  3. Even though McConnel is right to condemn the conspiracy theories, this doesn’t make him a hero, because he tried to repeal Obama care and made it easier for mental people to get guns, (which is why there’s so many school shootings)

  4. This lunatic Marjorie Taylor Greene has a face that only whomever created her likes. She looks as if she is not a decent person so what kind of voters voted for her. She has been the worse person in the White House. Who cares to even hear what she has to say. There is no respect for her so why do they keep her at the White House. OMG next who will be voted a dog? Is that Qanon a branch of the White Suppremacists?

  5. She's the real Donald Trump Jr. And she knows how to win an election. A leader in the making. Red flag, false flag she doesn't care. Heir apparent to dear leader Trump. Goodbye Cruz and Hawley. Greene 2024.

  6. Democrats are funded by a network of Corporate conglomerates who’s entire industrial income relies on cheap labor in Communist China. The focus on Q Anon is evidence of an attempt to divert public attention from real issues facing our country. Washington DC is the safest and most secure place in the entire US protected by some of the most advanced technology in the world and they expect us to believe that a small online fringe group called Q Anon was able to stage s violent attack on it. Our own government is the only entity that would have the power to bypass the security systems in place. Therefore, the capitol riots were a false flag event carried out/allowed by our own government to entrap an entire ideology and use to fallout as an excuse to purge opposition and tighten their control of our institutions. This is how authoritarian communists operate and the educated can see their machinations from a mile away.


  8. I am an independent and 70. Biden has never been very popular. He has a long history of lying and plagiarism. I check things. He straight out lied in some of his campaign ads. Reporters know he did and did not out him for it like they did the first time he ran for President. He had been a source for comics for decades. Johnny Carson was one of them. But they are no longer allowed to make jokes about Democrats. There is no way Biden got that many votes without back room deals and other shenanigans. I think the Republicans were looking in the wrong places. There was at least some voting fraud. There always is. To say there was none is lying. Not enough to change things is a far cry from none. This is the dilemma most parents with two or more children have found themselves in. Half the cookies were eaten. The alcohol I rarely used had turned into water. The scissors were used to cut something other than paper or cloth. You don’t have evidence against the culprits but you know it was one or more of your children. They tell you “it wasn’t me”. Biden may have not personally made any deals. His on campaign managers may have been ignorant of it as well. But you are idiots to think a heck of a lot of Americans believe this was an honest election. I doubt any major election ever has been. Liars.
    BTW, If Biden was really that popular how come his approval ratings are under 50% already? Lower than Trump in his first month. He should have had an approval rating higher than Obama’s 67% in his first month. Could it be because his lies caught up with him very fast? BLM obviously was expecting a voice. Why would that Marxist organization expect to have the ear of the newest leader of a free nation? He and Kamala declared they would not ban fracking. Then he banned it after he was elected. Without considering the opinions of girls he, a man, listened to an extreme minority of adults and took away fair competition. To make things a tiny bit fair drain some blood for 6 days from those boys every month and give them something that will make them retain water and give them cramps. Oh, they need at least a day or two of the emotional crap. We tend to fall into two groups. One gets angry easier and the other gets tearful easier. Then, by the time the bio makes are 27 operations should be performed on them to spread their pelvis and screw up the alignment of thigh bone to the knees. Just like what happens to most females after they have a baby or two. It isn’t just about the hormone levels. Ignorant bird brains.
    Biden said repeatedly he was against travel bans. I guess he was against Obama’s too. But he expanded them after he was elected. Liar.
    He kept claiming he had a plan to fight Covid. Sick shit if he actually had one and withheld it. His grand claims for how many vaccines he would get to Americans if they voted for him were already met by Trump. Now I have heard that Biden says there is nothing that can be done. He lied about having a plan. Nothing new for him. Been doing that since he was in college.

  9. Of course airplanes hit the twin towers. Switching from a flight carrying CIA operatives posing as businessmen and students to an unmanned drone was a provision of OPERATION NORTHWOODS. That would explain a United Airlines jet that unloaded @ 200 people in @20 minutes at Cleveland Hopkins Airport while a grounded Delta flight nearby took 2 hours to unload, search and question 63 people. Watch LOOSE CHANGE if you don't believe me. Listen to WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ (the last person to leave the North Tower). Fun fact – mock funerals for victims who didn't really die was another provision.

  10. How can sensible Republicans, cope with the stupidity, of there party ,there all gutless cowards,how can they lie to all this,liars have to have good memories,greene she another making money out of Americans, shame on all

  11. So we're no longer allowed an opinion? Last time I looked the 1st Amendment was still apart of the US Constitution! If I am wrong with that assessment someone please challenge me!! However, if I am correct the (currently) 641 thumbs down are either Marxists (like CNN) who are self-centred and greedy and care little or nothing for the workers or they are a bunch of idiots.

  12. Conservatives (republicans) stand for nothing of meaning, neo con economics is a failure, trickle down has been exposed as rubbish paying people unlivable wages simply wreaks the economy if no one has money to spend or invest. The rich have had it all their own way for too long the inevitable result if there is no change is much more civil unrest, Covid has just sped up the process.

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