MonsterQuest: Legend of the American Werewolf (S1, E14) | Full Episode | History

MonsterQuest: Legend of the American Werewolf (S1, E14) | Full Episode | History 1

The werewolf is a centuries-old legend based on myth, not a real animal. However, local eyewitnesses in Wisconsin and Michigan report seeing a dogman–a tall hairy man-beast. Find out more in Season 1, Episode 14, “American Werewolf.” #MonsterQuest
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“MonsterQuest” takes a scientific look at reported sightings of cryptozoological creatures (cryptids) and paranormal entities around the world, including the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and werewolves.

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  1. If they do exist I hope they NEVER get found! We'd never leave them alone, obviously they just want to be left alone. I think we have done enough damage already!

  2. Gotta love these psychiatrists and thier mass hysteria theories.
    Me: Man ,its snowing like crazy out here!
    Psychiatrists: What you actually saw was very cold rain… it's very common for mass hysteria during the winter months.

  3. this and the ufo lights in the sky are worthless, huge waste of time shows. why are they on the history channel? Was the land of make-believe already taken?

  4. this is a video to misinform people most sound like bigfoot but you say no evidence but stories include other eyewitnesses….they don't want you to know…..check out true sightings at dogman radio…and by the way there are NO wolves that are 7 to 8 foot tall and weighing 3-4-5 hundred lbs.

  5. I had a werewolf experience in the Santa Cruz mountains. I didn't see it but my son did the next night. The description he gave matches the one in this episode. It was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. It killed an animal that sounded like a dog or a deer crying. I actually reported it to the sheriff. But they hadn't any other reports called in. I believe it is a demon that can be summoned by a warlock. That night, I was about to go to bed and run my dog out to potty but an angel told me not to take my dog outside. I knew immediately something bad was about to happen so I put my dog on a short leash and pottied her a close to my door as I could be. What happened next was terrifying. I heard it howl while killing an animal. I knew the man who summoned it. Its a long story. I've lived in the mountains for years and have heard all kinds of animal sounds. This was nothing like a coyote, and wolves don't live here. Besides, my son saw it. He was on his way home when he stopped at what he thought was a dog in the middle of the street until it stops up on its hind legs and then leaped he said at least 10 ft into the woods.

  6. Some bears have a terrific sense of humor. I wonder if dude would've shot the "creature" he saw if he thought it was a black man in a monkey suit. It is Wisconsin after all.

  7. My sister went to school with Katie Zahn and her friends.
    The park is near Janesville in southern Wisconsin and they weren't driving around.
    They were in the park after hours smoking pot.
    Crypto zoologists later searched the area they claimed to have seen the "DOG MAN" as well as some of the remote areas of the parks.
    The unidentified hair samples they found were analyzed at UW Madison and found to be a Bernese Mountain Dogs.
    It even had flea/tick repellent residue on it.

  8. If a person drops acid and then sees werewolves, they're gonna pass a polygraph because they actually saw something even though it wasn't actually there.

  9. I was watching a police show and they caught two guys after they ran across a country road wearing a bigfoot costume . The idiot wearing it could not see where he was going as it was over foot tall and he runs in front of a patrol car barely being missed. The officer could not find the guys as they hid in woods but he finds there car and runs the plates. Later that night they turned themselves in.

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