NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 20th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - March 20th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

Florida surpasses 2 million Covid cases, third Covid wave devastates ICUs in Europe, and some migrant families allowed to stay in U.S.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 20th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Of course the Covid cases are going to rise. This was the Biden plan from the beginning. He purposely allowed illegal immigrants in to increase the numbers!! Stop blaming it on these young kids. No immigrants have masks on! It’s time to deplete Biden!!

  2. …..at the 2020 SUMMER GAMES??? What old news is this?! At 6 minutes the talking head talks about 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. Thats umm LAST YEAR?! WTF.

  3. Lying bias fake news should show more the real Border Crisis that Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, his Administration , and Democrats created all the crisis and more than 140k illegals and growing and nasty immoral Camps and then blamed Trump for it , haha.

  4. The lady says the father dropped the child + ran away in the Elephant Area? that's been exaggerated to the point as you see on the video, it's the same mentality as – almost! so we'll just say yes to a maybe, – + just like fake media advertising Trump was impeached twice, when in fact he wasn't even once.

  5. These kids don't act like spring breakers. They are acting more like rebel rousers. Maybe alot of these kids were sent to 'act up' to cause problems for Florida.

  6. What is happening to the migrants that were already imprisoned? Building another facility with possibility of expansion.
    Homelessness is growing n the US after this last years’ events. How are Americans that are losing their livelihoods being taken care beyond a few stimulus checks?
    None of this is helping the citizens of the US.
    We went from extreme to another, again!
    It is costing money and jobs for Americans. I am not saying that migrants can’t have fair opportunity, but they need to go through a process of becoming citizen before receiving benefits, and most importantly we need to be taking care of Americans first.
    They also need to focus on migrants that are imprisoned separated from their families and give those that were deported back to Mexico a chance to reunite with families before opening the door before others.
    Let’s not mention the V.I.D being spread from one country to another as it rises to stupidity.
    Our new POTUS has not thought this through whatsoever.

  7. Unfortunately in the year 2021 We keep never learning from are past catastrophic mistakes Just think people the what all these catastrophic events in history stood for from slavery to civil war to ww2 and holocaust to JFK and Vietnam to cold war to the biggest nuclear disaster in history Chernobyl to the fall of the Soviet Union to the 2 secret Genonides of Rawanda and Bosnia all the way 911 and the second worst nuclear meltdown in the world again Fukushima more past swept under the rug that effect us all in ways incomprehensible them the 2 most costliest war disasters of the 21 first century like iraq and afghanistan to isis to covid-19 now to come together and fight the evil and make a promising future for mankind how can we keep doing that if we fight each other over stupid bogus conspiracies made up to seperate us and make us more divided and hating each other for not wearing a mask a couple hours a day and social distancing to make America great again

  8. Trump = Modern Catastrophe Racism hate Divided Nation Bogus Conspiracies Bribery Lies Constitutional law breaker Modern American Genocide and Criminal Empire

  9. \\ Corona End? //// Scientific rate neglected by armies of "self appointed scientists", unequivocally guides the correct way to study the sad subject.

    A. 74 of 79 countries trend DOWN & STAY SAME DEATHS RATES, are marked " and counted 'good', if time invariant during period of GLOBAL time study.

    B. Condensed Typing Space is curbed under 'in' regulations. To study online true science today is available free in books forms at 'in', U-tube via 10-MILLION plus CITATIONS References by Google.

    C: 29 LOW RATES: SNG0.05/"-MNG0.10/7*-BUT0.11/"-SBR0.13/"-QTR0.13/16"-SCL0.26/49"-UAE0.28/33"-MLD0.33/28"-BRN 0.36/"-CUR0.39/43"-TLN0.33/2"-MAL0.37/"-CYM0.41/0*-ICL0.41/7"-SMR0.42/74"-FG0.52/3"-CYP0.60/56"-CUB0.59/7"-SVN0.58/"-SLN0.61/"-NRW1.44/0.70*-KW0.56/7^-BOR0.73/6"-ISR 0.74/"-USB0.78/6"-ARU0.86/89"-URG0.96/3"-TWN1.27/0.98"-TRK0.96".

    D: 50 HIGH RATES:-VNZ1.00"-DNM1.59/06"-OMN1.07/6*- JOR1.11"- BRB1.12/3*- NMB1.17"-NZ1.29/04*- IND1.36/1"- CST1.36/'- AZR1.37/"- INDN1.71/0"- GRM1.49/2.74*- ARM1.84/2"- AST1.83/72*- ALB1.77/8"- SAR1.71/"- SWS1.78/3"- SWD1.90/72"- MRC1.78/"- JP1.94/3"- IR1.99/"- NL 2.11/1.31"- FIN2.26/1.08*- U.S 2.51/1.81?*2.75 Oct 22/20,1.75* Elect-D Nov 3/20, border Mix w MXC9.96 Induce Up^?-PHL1.91/80"-PRT2.08/5"-RUS2.15/6"-POL2.38/29"-ARG2.42/39*-ROM2.47/"-FR 2.69/08"-SP 2.89/30"-BLG2.83/63*-CHL2.86/34^-BRZ2.89/50"-GRC 3.12/1^-AU3.28/10*-SAF3.41/"-GTM3.56/2"-TNS 3.49/"-PRU3.49/39^-IRN3.69/35"-IT3.47/06"-UK4.51/2.92"-BLV4.54/2"-CN5.39/14"-EQ5.45/15*-SDN6.78/84"-SYR6.67/70^-MX 9.92/06^/////

  10. All your news is fake, and propaganda, brainwashing people into believing lies, you tell. There are no people especially asians being attacked by Black people. Where are they, who are they. Why would they so that! You have not xmcinvinces me. Just another stop, wag the dog, contelpro. You news outlets disgust me. Get off my tv!

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