Prince Harry and Meghan to talk to Oprah Winfrey

Prince Harry and Meghan to talk to Oprah Winfrey

Prince Harry and Meghan will give their first interview since stepping back from royal duties when they talk to Oprah Winfrey.

CBS said the interview will be aired on 7 March.

It comes after the couple revealed they are expecting their second child.

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  1. I hope meghan tell everything about how they were treated In the Royal family. and how the palace were Leaking negative story's about them to the media because they're more popular than William and Kate.

  2. Without the royal family Meghan would not have been able to get into A list circles as she has done. She used the royals to elevate herself and invite the likes of Oprah to her wedding now has dumped them. If she wasn't marrying Harry I doubt Oprah would have rsbpd to her wedding invite. All very shallow and self serving whilst they try and act like they are doing it to help people.

  3. Joke is what Charles did to Diane and and it seems to be well accepted by the English public . Meghan and Harry are free to live their lives without being controlled by English government and the queen . Well done for Meghan

  4. Shame in Oprah. Soultalks with Byron, Tolle and so on. Then knowingly causing more pain in a family. Yes also royals are humans with feelings. Giving this sneeky woman that kind of a platform to tell her 'truth' is wrong on so many levels. Buuuh Oprah to do that!

  5. Pathetic how dare they dis our Queen and Oprah is just as fame hungry look how she turned on Michael Jackson. Harry don’t know what he’s doing just has his lead on

  6. How come Oprah who has made hundreds millions from buying shares of weightwatchers at a low price then losing weigh and selling at the top ,look like a very large hippo?

  7. This is just another way for the royals to make more billions. Personally i think all the royals need to leave their post – ASAP. Its not like they really do anything , but complain, complain, complain…

  8. She is a second rate actress, and he is a has been prince that deserted his country and family. She cries about the press, then seeks them out. She has nothing to do with most of her own family, and now turned Harry against his own family. She's a frickin schemer.

  9. We all already know how the interview will go. mm will not directly attack neither the Queen nor the royal family but will do so playing the victim's card and with tearful eyes. With ambiguous phrases, so as to use the misunderstood card, she will spit all her poison. At the appropriate time, she will bring in little Archie to use him as a moment of empathy. Harry, as usual, will be a doormat man.

  10. Hello people – I think the main thing is to think what Lady Diana would want for her son – and keep that in our minds. She was such a lovely lady and I think she would want us to be nice to her son and to support him in whatever he wanted to do.

  11. they wanted to get away from the press. Then they moved to Hollywood. And made deals with Netflix and Spotify. And having a tell all with Oprah. When this marriage falls apart, there is no getting back for him.

  12. So they bugger off to LA to escape the limelight and press intrusion and then invite the biggest talk show host in the world to listen to their story…..they get what they deserve….hopefully nothing.

  13. Harry and Meghan for sure they don't have enough money because the
    producer pay well that's why they are both desperate to appear on TV and
    make drama and charade..

  14. They are just two nasty and two faced individuals and they should hand back their titles if they feel that way but it's all about the money for them,

  15. So the media intrusion was almost unsurvivable according to her, but now she’s back into it by attracting more media coverage? Everything she does and say is a total contradiction

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