Scientists identify 7 coronavirus variants that originated in U.S., new study says

Scientists identify 7 coronavirus variants that originated in U.S., new study says

A study released Sunday shows scientists have identified at least seven variants of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 that seem to have originated in the U.S. Dr. Ron Elfenbien joined CBSN to discuss the variants and their mutations as well as new federal recommendations for reopening schools.

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  1. See how they released all the new 7 variants just as they make a deals with teachers unions to bring children back into classroom. They knew all the time the mutation are out there they hide it to bring teachers in class room . Wow I that the trumpet king was bad for humility

  2. Bill ,right we are for big trouble if the Ebola and the ten variants get together and make some babies we are in big trouble.
    It so clear why haven't the CDC provided approved mask for children to wear and change out because the virus grows inside the mask.

  3. Inadvertently, this video on virus mutations demonstrates how evolution works. Genetic mutations happen in all living organisms all of the time. They are more obvious in viruses because they happened faster and, in the case of Covid, are being closely monitored. Most mutations are benign or do nothing at all, in us and in viruses. That is probably the case with these Covid variants. We only hear about the rare mutations that enhance the ability of the organism to survive and replicate, which looks like design to the uneducated, but is merely the result of random changes, one of which was a lucky hit.

    Some part of you is a variant too, and some lucky people have one that makes them virtually immune to Covid and others, while not immune, are far more resistant to Covid than most, while an unlucky few are highly vulnerable to the disease and a tiny fraction die. It is through exposure to pathogens that the human race has acquired its immunities, full or partial, to all sorts of pathogens. The well-intentioned, but misguided effort to save us all from Covid through draconian lockdown strategies will ultimately prevent us from developing our own natural immunities. We would have been better advised to do nothing to "contain" the virus (no lockdown, no masking), accept the inevitable infections and deaths, and focus our resources on more efficacious treatments and protection of the vulnerable. It is quite probable that our failed efforts to save the world from the virus caused more harm than the disease itself.

  4. This is out of control. As long as things continue the way they are and places keep opening up things will only get worse. Due to the extent of the virus spread this virus is mutating at uncontrollable rates.

  5. That variant is better than the other variant, but it depends. Its all variable, and it depends on what we know and what we don't know, but right now we don't really know, except when we really do. So take our advice depending on those variable data.

  6. New law's insurance for protect your life by politicians and pope totally fake criminals made in laboratories cities used gorizia and parts of sam peter nova gorica .

  7. They use garbage social policies fake local police and police station are fake parasite of personal id photo blood and color silver of the victims in United Kingdom and France state's United state's of America and Canda state's Japan and china state's thoudands of victims for that species blood skeleton art culture and language

  8. Vaccinate teachers and open schools! That's what my State has done. Most elementaries have been open for this school year. The high school had to shut down periodically, but we are testing for free!

  9. As the scripture says: Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33 KJV
    Many will take covid-19 vaccine thinking they are saving themselves but the truth is they will be doomed forever. WAIT AND SEE!!!, LET HE WHO HAS EARS HEAR FROM THE LORD!!!.!!!

  10. It's bs people is not afraid anymore that's why they keep coming up with new bs . how come no police officers , news reporter's judge or lawyer's are dying all I hear is that the working class are the ones dying . sounds like they are afraid to lose their slaves.

  11. Amazing! We don't know how these vaccine will hold up against the new mutations but yet we still want to open schools cut back on restrictions and make it Open season for covid. Here in Florida you would not think we had the highest case of UK virus because people just don't care

  12. Damage that we're doing to our kids? Losing a year? We don't know what the long-term damage will be if the kids can track covid. Kids are having underlying health problems because of covid and who knows how long that will affect them through their lives but yet we're quick to shove them back in the classroom

  13. All the horrible things that will be coming out of this because this is war and we will all suffer some type of post-traumatic stress disorder even the children. We have to understand that this is a serious thing that we have to fight together and stop acting like we could go on with regular life as it is because we cannot at least not for now

  14. If US government does not act on increasing the gene sequencing of the covid-19, we will be caught again sleeping while the virus continues to grow like it did in California. Again and again, "an ounce of prevention is better than pound of cure".

    If we all want to go back to the normalcy , we must consider DNA sequencing of the virus as an investment and a way to create jobs, rather than an additional cost. It will not only save lives but more importantly will catch the variant before they become so widespread.

    People are already having lockdown fatigue and country is in the middle of mental health pandemic. It is time for government to see the covid-19 as an enemy attacking us and we do whatever we have in our power to stop it and that means if we have to cut down on defense funding, we do it.

    Currently, United States sequences only 1% of positive results while while many countries including some of the developing countries actually test 10 to 20%. We can certainly afford more than any other country to do the DNA sequencing as covid-19 pandemic is an issue of public safety, national security and economic stability.

  15. Guy is so full of $%**&. It is statically imposible for 7 different varients to develope the same mutation indecent lyrics in such a short time. Ridiculous. More like same new varients spread. in 7 places then mutated again.

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