Anti-Asian violence in the US: 'He slashed me from cheek-to-cheek' – BBC News

Anti-Asian violence in the US: 'He slashed me from cheek-to-cheek' - BBC News

Asian-Americans across the US have faced a surge in discrimination and hate crimes during the pandemic.

We spoke with victims, organisers and experts in New York and San Francisco to find out what can be done.

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  1. And the slasher is of the same racial group committing all these attacks on elderly and female Asians. Notice that they never attack young Asian males because they're afraid they know marshall arts and can defend themselves. They only attack the weak. And anyone following these reports or lives in the big cities know which racial group is perpetrating all these cowardly attacks. But shhhhh! Dont say that racial groups name out loud or youtube will ban you. And that's precisely why the group responsible for these attacks will sink further into crises. We cant fix any problem if were afraid of the truth.

  2. Instead of having an target to innocent Asian Americans, we have to deport who performs the violence and commits to crime. Then the peace will come.

  3. There are many counties in Asia, we might not like each other because of our history. but when it comes down to racism, we stand together as one! we don't need any sport team to wear a headband or down on one knee.. WE KNOW OUR LIVES MATTER AND YES WE CAN STILL BREATHE.

  4. The Virus comes from China. The Chinese people in America have nothing to do with it. Only people currently in China are responsible. Leave the Chinese here alone, Period. They probably left China because it's a communist hell hole in the first place. Beating up or killing a Chinese people here in the US doesn't stop anyone from getting Covid. KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF.

  5. I guess Usa's tourism industry profits from 47 Asian countries will definitely decrease. Instead, It will go to another country without racism. Given that the government has no active intervention, it seems that economic interest is not so important. I am a Korean, and all of my friends who can afford to study abroad (Mostly they are kids with a lot of money in their house.) canceled study abroad.
    Almost all- did. Anti-asia case news is reported every morning in our country. they would go there if they are not sane.

  6. Is it just me or is the United States falling apart?

    First they say it’s the land of the free.

    Now… What the hell’s happened to you, America?

  7. Alarming situations of the "asian-american" people stay in United States , call the attention of Police Authority like US Justice Department to take action to stop this. "Asian hate" now consider as hate crime. Asians are becoming the targets of a growing number of hates crimes in USA

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