Chicago mayor calls for calm ahead of Adam Toledo video release

Chicago mayor calls for calm ahead of Adam Toledo video release

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called for people to remain peaceful on Thursday, ahead of the expected release of video from the fatal police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo. “This remains a complicated and nuanced story, and we all must proceed with deep empathy and calm and importantly, peace,” she said at a press conference. Watch her remarks and read more here:

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  1. This Mayor is sick and horrible. Why is she still Mayor. Are you passionate about all the gangs, drugs, shootings and how your City is a toilet.

    Mayor needs quit. Please leave Mayor and stop appeasing everyone.

  2. Critique of the MAYOR – She will lose the next election because she does not know how to think. HER THINKING is REACTIVE its the same ole crap. This cop was scared he was scared of events playing out in his mind that he was not ready for. These cops need to know the community you got to get them out of the dam cars and in the community doing anything. To know the people and community. Book training is not a good indicator that the officer can keep a cool head. the only way to do that is through active measurement SIMS TRAINING, the same training the military uses. Those Virtual headset simulator the help prepare you, help you to keep calm. The officer that shot that 13 year old was scared shxtless. He told him to raise his hands and still shot him… it made no sense. THis officer needed that sims training 8 hours a month MANDATORY. they need time to train to be on the street. Then she has to tackle the problem of why the teen was on the street at 2 am. the reason why he was on the street was child poverty. NOBODY is going to hire a 13 year old. NOBODY. The city needs to recognize this and INCREASE their effort in after school work programs. ATTEND class get good grades apply for the work program earn while you learn at any state or city ran facility. JOB TAX credits that hire teens in the program. GET RID OF THE NO KNOCK WARRANTS. The idea she talking about the media not broadcasting things to the public IS A LOST CAUSE they will ALWAYS DO THAT. THE MAYOR needs to change HER SHXT so the problem is being fixed. The WORST PART LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY BLM MADE during the protest AND THIS MAYOR has not asked ANYONE for help. I DONT SEE ANY BENEFIT SHE HAS DONE TO COLLECT ANY MONEY FOR KIDS…SHE HAS NEVER EVEN ASKED. SHE is MESSED UP SHE is NOT GOING TO MAKE ANOTHER TERM at this rate.

  3. Don't commit crimes. Don't commit crimes at night. Don't carry a gun. Don't disobey police orders. Don't act erratically especially when the police still think you are in possession of a weapon. This is 100% the fault of the teenager himself. Where are the parents? At 13 I was home by 6 pm after school. I focused on school and hobbies and sports and music.

  4. I thought this was the mayors resignation speech that probably will be sometime tomorrow when she is exposed publicly Yes she is concerned but it’s not over this child or officer it’s something else

  5. This is Mayor Lightfoot's police force. She's been protecting them. She's been making excuses for them. She's been telling lies for them. She needs to resign.

  6. Beetlejuice is the worst thing that could happened to the city of Chicago! There is no such thing as merit when it comes to electing politicians unless your a gay black woman! Wake up people! The only fix is to get her out of office… Shame shane

  7. So we have this mayor scapegoating guns.. I believe in gun control, but this is a police killing.. the main subject in this conversation is policing.

    The black mayor, who have some control over the police isn't going to touch that with a 50 foot pole.. so this is all BS.

  8. I love the energy from the interpreter. I can't stop watching him trying to learn new words and smiling at the faces he makes while signing. I think I watched him the whole video…am I creepy? LOL

  9. I've been trying to decide to move to Jalisco Mexico or Chicago IL… according to my math… Jalisco appears more peaceful.
    – Jalisco: In the first two months of 2021, Jalisco has officially registered 494 murders.

    – Chicago: In the first two months of 2021 there were 233 shooting incidents and 298 shooting victims. Homicides are up 33%. If you listen to CNN, MSNBC, ANTIFA & BLM… they'll tell ya that 99% of the Chicago murders were by Chicago PD… so be diligent in your research cause I can't believe the cops are responsible for so few murders (wink wink).

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