Gravitas: The Wuhan virus mutations you need to know about

Gravitas: The Wuhan virus mutations you need to know about

The Wuhan virus is no longer the same. It has mutated and become more powerful. WION’s Palki Sharma tells you about the 4 variants that are powering the …


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  1. all virus made by scientist man funded by billionaire.. agreed. simulation u know whom ..all knew so dnt speak of lik as if naturaly happen.shame look all become zombie as in films comes. world people shld ruin such

  2. You see that thing they pushing up in your nose testing for corona or whatever that PPE kit is not testing the corona accurate. These PPE that is been use is contributing to Covid19 massive data maybe its a conspiracy theory but whoever goes to a hospital now testing for Covid19 chances are you are positive. That kit is the culprit . There are some in pharmacy buy one and check out the ingredients at the back.

  3. Its shame on india it complete breakdown law and orders ….I think govt is doing something which is not seen to normal people…i think its a population control of india…the government purposely did something which creates lack of oxygen in entire nation for almost 1 week …in result in 1 week time more than 1 lakh people died and still dying…I think this virus has been genetically altered in laboratory and thus comes the second wave as death rate is very high as compared with last years 1st wave…
    I pray to god to provide strength to the family members who have lost their dear ones..

  4. Don't burden other countries when coronavirus outbreak is from 2018 kerala, India. The delhl virus outbreak (B.1.617 indian variant virus) was mutating from India's vaccine on coronavirus outbreak that was mutation from Nipah virus. Lie cannot holds the truth.

    Out of 18 people who contracted Nipah virus in Kerala, Ajanya M, a 19-year-old pursuing a degree in nursing, is one of only two who lived to tell the tale. Discharged from the hospital earlier this week, and following a week’s rest, as advised by the doctors, Ajanya is set to return to college soon. A native of Koyilandy in Kozhikode district, she contracted the virus in the first week of May — reportedly from a patient at the casualty ward of the Medical College Hospital. The outbreak had not occurred then and few people even knew of Nipah, whose natural hosts are considered to be fruit bats.

  5. Coronavirus was created by India's lab.The deadly 2018  Nipah virus kills nearly 75 per cent of the people it infects, but the circumstances under which the bat species, known as the Indian flying fox, transmits the virus to humans has remained a mystery.

  6. What happened to all those other diseases? Looks like diabetes, asthma, influenza, diarrhoea, tuberculosis, cancer, hypertension, syphilis, AIDS, etc. are no longer getting any attention anywhere.

  7. Bullshit this a new release, normaly virus weekens. This is engeneer to mass killing of older people. 90% of the population. World mafianis.on it.

  8. No matter what ever they come up with as any vaccines they will always be a new strain ,what we need is herd immunity now and as for this vaccine this thing is a friggin lie what vaccine has ever been made and accepted in just a year but nooooo this dam virus is on the news like never be for and I have seen the world turn it self in to a puss whipped idealistic frighted version of it self. were did the balls fall off on the population of the planet like our freedom it is becoming nothing but a controlled world with no freedoms and little happiness. WE are lost as a people and need to go back to our roots.

  9. the virus doesn't become more dangerous and lethal on it's own, unless someone has messed up it's original DNA in a lab. Let's hope for a cure soon to kill any form or variant of this Wuhan virus.

  10. The world is 100 percent sure that these new variants are all naturally occurring mutations? How do we know China is not releasing new variants in the world? If other Terrorist organizations have sleeper cells in other countries that cause disstruction from with in, then why would the Chinese Communist party? We need countiued hard sanctions on Chinese Communist party.

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