A Day In The Life Of A Death Row Inmate

A Day In The Life Of A Death Row Inmate

The United States is one of the few countries that still uses capital punishment. Conditions for these prisoners are notoriously harsh and many people are shocked to learn about the unbelievable daily routines of these unfortunate people. Today we’re looking at a day in the life of a death row inmate.

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A Day In The Life Of A Death Row Inmate


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  1. Look, okay, it's not all beer and skittles, but they're not like the people in Nazi concentration camps, they're there because they caused 'cruel and unusual' suffering to other people, so let's weigh this up honestly. Frankly I'm not against capital punishment, I'm just against the length of time it takes. In England, when we did it, you had three weeks from committal to death, not 20 years or more!

  2. I was all in favor of death penalty, but if putting people on death row is actually more expensive for us taxpayers than keeping them in jail for life, then fuck it, just keep em in jail.

  3. This video is kind of biased. They have done horrible things to get to death row. Also, it’s simply not true the US is one of the last countries with capital punishment

  4. Conservative States support death penalty – But are also traditionally Christian. Never quite understood the disconnect between the two. *As if the justice of your God isn’t enough for the condemned?

  5. "Unfortunate souls"?!? Good! Fk them… these scumbags made their choices in life! The only bad part about capital. Punishment is that it takes too long, and costs tax payers (non criminals) exponentially.

  6. Scary thought to know that a number of people have to go through years of this, then to be executed at the end ONLY to be discovered that they were INNOCENT… For the criminals that are guilty of heinous crimes… I have no sympathy for.

  7. This is a pretty bastardized and EXTREMELY biased snapshot of prison life… especially death row. Death row inmates have significantly more privileges than regular inmates. Their cells are larger, they interact with other inmates on death row. They can exercise, can have television sets, have access to medical care (since they usually spent decades before actually being executed)

    I don’t like capital punishment, but this video is full of wild inaccuracies. To the reader; there are plenty of much better more informative, and accurate, videos here on YouTube showing the actual conditions of prison life on death row.

  8. I'm up in the air about death sentences but I will say.. You are not on death row for being a good person! Why should you be given mercy when you didn't show mercy?

  9. I am not a supporter of the death penalty because of any innocent people being put to death before there innocent is proven but what is this?
    Poor babys type of shit

  10. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. There's a reason they ended up in death row, not for being Boy Scouts. Bleeding Heart alert. Let's see if anything happened to your family, if you're going to continue thinking like this.

  11. Most of the money confirmed to be spent on prisons and inmates are forged to cover up scandals, rampant corruption, & inmate exploitation(hired by second/third party companies for products and services unbeknownst to the inmates)

  12. I did 24 hour lockdown for 3 days Friday 3pm till Monday morning in ash st jail new bedford massachusetts and it was the worst no books no nothing they would even take your blanket at 7:00 a.m. and not give it back until like 7:00 p.m. literally 24-hour lockdown not even 1 hour out like these guys get shit was the worst

  13. The more civilized a society is the less a need for the death penalty. However, bad leaders in weak societies use it as a tool for further power. The bottom line is the death penalty is in indication of poor performance at some level in society.

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