Russia-Ukraine conflict: How did it start, where will it lead? | DW News

Russia-Ukraine conflict: How did it start, where will it lead? | DW News

French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Paris for talks on escalating tensions with Russia. They’ll be joined on a video call by German chancellor Angela Merkel.
There’s been growing alarm in recent weeks over Russia’s military buildup along its border with Ukraine. Moscow has also moved warships to the Black Sea to Ukraine’s south. And there’s been a spike in clashes in Ukraine’s Donbas region between the army and pro-Russian separatists.
The talks in Paris are a show of support for Kyiv, which after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, now says it fears another invasion.
Tensions on Europe’s far Eastern frontier broke open in March and April 2014. Following Russia’s seizure of the Crimean Peninsula, pro-Russian separatists proclaimed a new republic in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region, near the Russian border. The government launched a military operation. That began a grinding conflict that’s claimed at least 14-thousand lives so far.
Month by month in 2014, the atrocities mounted. In May, clashes in the seaside city of Odessa left dozens of separatists dead. A months-long battle for Donetsk airport saw the facility reduced to rubble.
Then in July pro-Russian forces shot down a Malaysian airliner over the conflict zone, killing all 298 people on board. An international investigation was hampered by evidence tampering, but concluded that a Russian-made anti-aircraft module had launched the fatal strike.
In September NATO certified that Russian troops were coming over the border to help the separatist cause.
Things took a turn in early 2015 – in February, Germany and France brokered a deal in Belarus, resulting in a shaky ceasefire. Though it was violated often, the cease-fire kept the conflict at a simmer for the following two years.
In September 2019, a prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine gave hope that further de-escalation was possible.
But though the conflict disappeared from the headlines, it never really went away. In early 2021, clashes erupted again in the Donbass – and Russia again massed its own troops and hardware at the border. More trouble – in a region that hasn’t known peace in years.
DW spoke with Ukraine Ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko, who is Ukraine’s former deputy prime minister and former foreign minister.


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  1. Politically correct divided West with no fighting spirit vs Strong Nationally United Russia…can’t wait the encounter. Let’s not forget about another national country China that wants to swallow Taiwan.

  2. The entire Land of Tavria belongs to the ceilings of Prince Constantine. Someone else's land must be returned to the owners. This is the Crimea and the Kherson region and etc.
    The government of the Russian Federation consists of Ceilings of the Nobles now.
    There is one reason why all the land of the Noblemen of the Russian Federation is transferred to their owners.
    Russian Nobles do not leave the battlefield without an order.
    Shoigu One of the descendants of the Nobles in the Kudryavtseny line. So the Lands of the Nobles of the Russian Federation must be returned.
    Count Tolstoy and Medvedev are a descendant of the Last Emperor in the Senate of Russia.
    RF has the structure of the Constitutional monarchy today.
    So they will show everyone how Prince Suvorov is in their campaigns.

  3. The Joker say he want to sink some chip from Russia and after he did then he know ask for peace ? you have sink my chip then you try to call that you want peace ?? FUNNY you are a loser ??

  4. Now those boats and whatever else they Russia has been inching toward the United States makes sense… They are going to hit Ukraine hard and want to make sure there will be no US/UN interference.

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  6. Donbas and Lugansk war Russian FOR centuries. Same goes for Crimea. Ukrainian now says that there's Ukraine. Truth is they have no right to those lands.

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  8. I like how the media ignore the fact that there was a change of government in 2014 ¡Attention and drumroll ! was illegal
    But then ppl gonna say that everyone in the country supported the opposition when, in reality country split into two parts
    Hard to say this but with Wikipedia infographics election in 2010 / tricky 2014 and the last one in 2019 everything is very complex
    Hi from Chile

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