15-Year-Old Blackmailed in Catfish Scam Dies by Suicide

15-Year-Old Blackmailed in Catfish Scam Dies by Suicide

A 15-year-old from New York died by suicide after his family says he was cyberbullied in a ploy that saw him blackmailed for $3,500, or else see “personal” photos of him be released onto the internet. After he signed up for Facebook, Riley Basford got a friend request which appeared to be from a college student named “Megan.” The person on the other end of the account allegedly wooed the teenager and convinced him to send explicit pictures of himself, his father told Inside Edition.


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  1. What a poor beautiful innocent soul. Caught up in horrible sadistic crimes played out by lesser than scum people. I hope they find whoever did this and give them hell to pay

  2. I can't see how some people can't see a fake facebook profile when they get a friend request from one. I can spot it out without even clicking on the profile. Just report the account so it gets shut down and block the user. He/she might make a bunch more fake accounts and send you friend request but just keep reporting the fake/scammer accounts and block them, eventually they will get tired of having to make a brand new email just to make their brand new fake accounts lol. Some people have way to much time on their hands.

  3. Sad af…. he should of said go head and share it lol , but at 15 u think life is over…..dam lil homie you got to talk to ur parents ppl we been there we understand more then our kids think we do. Rip lil man

  4. Wow 1 second, the catfisher is actually asking for child ponography and then blackmails him with it? Seriously go ahead and make them public, thats decades in prison for that idiot.

  5. Never give in to blackmailers. Teach your children not to send nudes, but if they do blackmail is highly illegal and usually by telling a blackmailer that you will press charges, sue them, and have their IP address traced, they'll back down.

  6. He was scared of naked photos being leaked? Why? I’ve been in the same situation being blackmailed but I just blocked the dude and forgot about it

  7. I have to remind my older sister that my nephews shouldn’t be taking those kind of pictures, asking girls for them, and shouldn’t even have any of people his age because they can be charged with child pornography, aside from the embarrassment or being harassed or having those photos leaked. I’m not even gonna lie and say I don’t expect it to happen cuz I know my nephews.

  8. This isn't difficult to solve. They can reach facebook and every message and being online shows everything. Device, date, time, ip address. How is that difficult. It's even in the agreement that facebook will provide everything for legal reasons.

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