COVID-19: Legal action launched after Italian woman dies weeks after having AstraZeneca jab

COVID-19: Legal action launched after Italian woman dies weeks after having AstraZeneca jab

The family of an Italian woman who died weeks after having the AstraZeneca jab have launched legal action.

Augusta Turiaco experienced a very bad headache and a high temperature before falling into a coma.

She died nineteen days after having the injection.

Medical records show that the 55-year-old had developed blood clots and her family want to know if the vaccine was to blame.

Sky’s Europe correspondent Michelle Clifford reports.

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  1. Wake up ignorant people of the world !!!!! They are in a process of depopulation of the planet to save the planet from us humans .. who are they ? The billionaires Soros, Bill Gates , Queen of England , Rockerfella , Rothschild and so on .., Welcome to the New World Order …,

  2. All injuries, blood clots, paralysis, tremors and death of course, they will say, there is NO connection, when clearly there is…and also they have NO LIABILITY because they know people will be injured and die from it!!!!

  3. Why is this shot called a vaccine? It has none of the characteristics of an actual vaccine! Is it so that the producers can hide behind the 1986 Vaccine Act (which gives them blanket immunity from prosecution/compensation for vaccine damage)?

  4. Ivermectin is a Nobel prize-winning generic drug on the WHO's Essential Drugs list. Endorsed by (authors of MATH+ protocol) for prophylaxis, mild, moderate, severe (ICU) COVID-19. And anecdotally for a subset of long haulers. Originally used as anti-parasitic (worms, river blindness), now recognized as broad anti-viral, anti-bacterial, with potential as chemotherapy adjuvant for cancer. Used over 40 years (3.7B doses), and considered for mass administration for malaria by the WHO.

  5. Waste of a music teacher and a human being. Anyone who recommends these "vaccines" should be hung. All of the factories that produced these injections should be burnt to the ground. It's time to crush the psychopaths who are murdering us

  6. There are numerous legal actions underway for the COVID fraud.
    See the Crimes Against Humanity case led by Reiner Fuellmich on Bitchute. This follows the German Parliamentary Coronavirus Investigation that began in July 2020.
    A Private Criminal Prosecution in the UK is being led by Michael O'Bernicia.
    Dr Kaufman et al are bringing a similar class-action in the US.
    The case summary for the Canadian Class action is circulating now.
    The fraud will be exposed.

  7. when she started feeling funny she should have gone to her doctor…I know someone who had taken Astra-Zeneca was monitored for blood clots. She was asked to go for a blood check when they saw an unusual spot on her X-ray. she is now alright with the medication she had taken…
    But it is true they should WARN people of blood clots when taking Astra-Zeneca t

  8. Our regime forcing to take vaccine and die ..We people all over the world to fight against this deadly vaccine. .This is not vaccine .it is only experimental gene therapy ..Dallas doctor said the truth. My condolences to the family ..May Jesus comfort them ..from Germany .

  9. OMG the family still supports getting these gene based vaccines! Was her death NOT enough??????? What will it take for ALL these people to look critically at this gene manipulation not vaccination?

  10. Regardless of what is being said, the manufactures of the vaccine should not be protected against legal action. If it is proved that the vaccine was a significant factor in her death, then there should at least be compensation to her family. How can governments be changing laws to provide unprecedented legal protection for the companies involved and no legal protection for citizens? It's an inmoral and obsene situation.

  11. Why would anyone offer themselves up to be a lab rat for a jab which the company has full indemnity and has not been fully trialed?? And when the recovery rate for covid is 99.7%…I just don't get it.

  12. Aren’t the pharmaceutical companies protected from any liability? I imagine there are a lot more like this poor lady, just doesn’t get reported. I am going to wait to get vaccinated, people are also reporting neuropathy, paralysis, besides blood clots and strokes.

  13. — These are the undisputed facts and serious concerns about the C19 vax that everyone must pay very close attention to —

    — The Covid vax is NOT an actual vax by conventional definition, it is radically Brand New experimental Synthetic (mRNA) Gene transcription programming. It has never in history been used on humans at large scale. – It DID NOT pass the animal test phase – Repeat The Covid-19 vax failed ALL animal testing !! (All animals either became Violently Sick, Disabled or Died!)

    — For reasons utterly defying ethics and logic the FDA bypassed standard safety testing protocol through emergency exempt rules. Hence the Covid Vax is NOT FDA approved. – Repeat it is NOT FDA approved! – Safety and efficacy is completely unknown in humans —

    — Which begs the Gigantic Elephant in the room question} – Why the massive global push for an experimental drug, for one of the planet's most common pathogens, with a moderate to benign viral mortality rate for the overwhelming vast majority ?? – It utterly defies all logic and comprehension! – {A century of empirical Scientific methodology turned China in one year – }

    — Amazingly effective life saving medicine being radically censored. — Something Frighteningly Sinister is going on in the world —

    — Watch this about a Dramatically effective life saving Drug — then say to yourself "Nothing Evil & Sinister is going on in the World" —

    — Dr. Bhakdi microbiologist and virus expert. All mRNA vax are untested and very dangerous —

    — Ivermectin, Far- Far greater safety and efficacy than All mRNA vax —

    — May 2021 Italian 55 year old Woman dies of severe Blood Clots after experimental gene programming drug —

    — Yet another Stroke like issue from the Pfizer vax (April 28) —

    — Pfizer vax April 20 paralyzed young woman from the neck down —

    — Woman dies hours after Pfizer vax —

    — 12,000 test positive for covid after second dose of Pfizer vax showing no efficacy value! —

    — Many more catch covid after taking vax — efficacy shows no value! –

    — March 11/21 AstrZeneca suspends drug due to potential life threatening Blood Clots –

    — 3 more S Korea deaths from Astrazeneca vax

    — South Korea investigates 2 new deaths after AstraZenca – vax –

    — Vaccine causing swollen Lymph nodes, serious or not, nobody really knows, remember this is an experimental drug!

    — Vaccine efficacy appears to do nothing for the people that really need protection!

    — 8 more deaths post Covid vaccine however not related to the drug …please??

    — Healthy 60 year old health care worker dies after second dose…

    — Healthy Dr. dies days after vax

    — 30 die after injection:

    — Many deaths despite vaccine roll out / caused by virus or by vaccine / nobody will answer:

    — 120,000 health care workers refuse Jab:

    — Moderna causes severe Anaphylaxis in multiple people:

    — Healthy woman severe reaction to vax :

    — Absolutely everyone MUST Watch, – Pfizer – former vp & chief respiratory scientist –

  14. It is not a rare side effect. They have discovered that the spike protein attacks the cells and causes a vascular disease NOT a respiratory disease. Studies that have just been released found that blood clots would be a certain side effect not rare! They lie as per usual!

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