Nasa to fly helicopter on Mars for the first time – BBC News

Nasa to fly helicopter on Mars for the first time - BBC News

A small helicopter, the size of a chihuahua, is set to be the first to fly on another planet.

Ingenuity is a 1.8kg (4lb) helicopter that travelled to Mars inside Nasa’s Perseverance rover, which landed in February 2021.

Nasa says it’s now aiming to test it on Monday 19 April but admits it may not be successful, in which case they’ll try again later in the week.

Flying on the Red Planet isn’t straightforward – as BBC science reporter Laura Foster and Nasa systems engineer Farah Alibay explain.

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  1. I studied aero and astro engineering and my thesis was on the viability of flying a small autonomous rotary craft in the Martian atmosphere. Will never forget a professor telling me " the idea was laughable, impossible" due to atmospheric conditions. HELLO… 2021 and in Yr face u pompous SOB… I WASNT wrong or crazy, just ahead of my time. Thanks NASA. Perhaps if I'd been a man he wouldve taken it more seriously.

  2. what a load a rubbish – yet again more BS. They just can't help themselves – space is fake and NASA were just set up to peddle the lies

  3. What a load of lies !! Everything is CGI and they are just making up stories for the sheeple to believe. They cannot even go back to the moon and that was over 50 years ago!! Because MAN never went to the moon!!

  4. The US paves the way for the first fight in Mars. Proud to be American.
    Welcome to other nations and companies to do the same, for the peaceful advancement of science and humanity.

  5. NASA, China and others should send drone carrier rockets into space.

    Countries and Universities around the world could sponsor the drones deployed from the carrier rockets.

    Many hands make short work. Many drones could make coordinated exploration and coordinated space projects.

    Each university could have a set of exploration drones that could be sublet to colleges, high schools

  6. America is finally getting its "Mojo" back. (translated: its inspiration, problem solving ability, and scientific progress. Congratulations NASA on 1st in flight in the Solar System….

  7. I want aerial vehicle manned with cobra commander, teknoman, captain pollution, all characters from voltron, thundercats, she ra, lady death and the shredder. Thats about as close as any human will get to landing on this planet.. It cannot be done.

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    Influenza comes from the United States, AIDS comes from the United States,covid-19 come from the UK

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  10. Why don’t you report on Japan’s discharge of nuclear waste water into the ocean? What happened to Western environmental organizations?

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