Watch jury's verdict at Derek Chauvin's trial

Watch jury's verdict at Derek Chauvin's trial

A jury found Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis Police officer who kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for over 9 minutes last year, guilty of all charges including second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

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  1. Atleast now we humans need to change this so called mentality of he or she is black and he or she is white. Even a white person has dirt in their body same goes with a black. The color of the blood is red in all humans. Its just the blood group that differs in all humans. We eat shit from the same GOD GIVEN AREAS. SO WHY WE CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS SIMPLE ERROR WHAT MAKES THIS IRRITATE YOUR BRAINS. BETTER CHANGE YOUR MIND FRAME AND BE GOOD WITH ALL HUMANS. THE END WE ALL HAVE TO GO SIX FEET DOWN. NO DIFFERENCES AT ALL RICH OR POOR THATS OUR LAST DESTINATION. SO WHY WE HATE EACH OTHER. SIMPLY FOR NO REASON. BE HONEST AS A HUMAN. PERIOD. GOD WILL PUNISH ALL WHO DOES NOT RESPECT THIS BEAUTIFUL HUMAN NATURE AND LEAVE THOSE CULTURES AS IT IS. BLESS THE WORLD AND LETS LIVE IN PEACE. AMEEN……

  2. Do you think? if there was a juror who thought Derek Chauvin's was not guilty of one of the charges such as murder 1, that did not vote not guilty fearing for his or her life? Or because they fear the protests and uprisings that would occur in the United States and maybe in foreign countries also?

  3. His response was TOO passive. He either didn’t want to seem terrified or he’s confident something isn’t going to go according to the victim. As in, there’s more than the public knows. His eyes were everywhere, but his breathing was too composed, something feels off.

  4. Here’s a fact Check CNN may not talk about . Police killings in 2020. Whites 457’ blacks 241 Hispanics 169. Unknown 126 2021 As of last week. 50 whites 30 blacks unknown 112. US population 300.million

  5. He’s not inocente but if we are gonna compared who’s live was more productive to society without hesitation everyone knows that the policemen. So they just made political that’s way we’re talking about it otherwise no one will know it and floiy family should be so happy for all the money they have received from poor became rich from unproductive men who got a big rap shit

  6. Something so satisfying about seeing a cop get led away in handcuffs… especially an evil rascist murderous one that has terrorized his community for so long. Now is just the beginning. Let this be a lesson to you scumbags in blue. #BLM

  7. DC will likely never be placed in prison general population. If a prisoner does try to get revenge on DC, I hope their facial expression looks just as bored, disinterested and "routine" as DC's face was while leaning on George Floyd's neck. Hate is one thing. But treating someone with indifference and like their struggle is invisible is worse.

  8. It was unfair judgement. When you broke the law , you must obey the police’ s orders because it was their responsibility . If you follow the police ‘s requisitions, you will not get trouble . Almost the guys got troubles because they against polices . Return fair for him.the judges fined him but that verdict was extremely .

  9. As someone who doesn't like to cry in person, you can tell he's darting his eyes to avoid crying. The fear and shock of finding out you're now on the other side of the law are clear on his face.

  10. Welcome to the GOVERNMENT one said- you need FEDERAL LAW in all courts to be heard!

    Any court deserve to be rewarded with cameras to be equipped so the cases reaches full potential during the proceedings and verdicts. Any victim can become his own HERO, Floyd case is a prove that cameras can bring lights in so many minds and can heal other-

  11. The vaccine is the bioweapon. Specifically, the spike protein is the bioactive weapon, and it is designed to spread from person to person, being transmissible from the vaccinated in order to infect the unvaccinated.

    People who are injected with the mRNA vaccine are having their bodies turned into bioweapons factories, churning out spike protein particles which they shed through their mouths and skin, infecting everyone around them. The spike protein is biologically active and causes blood clots, leading to strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism and infertility effects.

    We've finally figured out the exact mechanism of how this vaccine is designed to achieve global extermination. It's called a "self-replicating vaccine" because the vaccine spreads like a virus and infects everyone.

  12. I don’t think he thought he’d get guilty on all three counts. I think he thought count three only and would get probation. After all, he had gotten away with 18 complaints of that with a slap on the hand.
    The photo of him with his hand in his pocket looking at the bystanders…that was pretty much the end of his life as well. But for some reason I don’t feel bad for him.

  13. No deals for his accomplices is the way to properly exercise justice!!, don't continue allowing these cowards to get away with murder, literally !!!! Let them do their time in general population…

  14. HEY FAKE NEWS CNN – The Federal Elections Commission in DC – totally dropped the phony case against TRUMP payment to women relative to the 2016 election. It was all FAKE NEWS from COHEN and CNN's favorite broadcaster Michael Avaenati (who is in prison now)
    You ever wonder why your ratings are sooooo low? YOUR FAKE NEWS LIARS!

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