Kate Ovens Takes On The Cage | Bases Covered Heavy Hitters Ep 1

Kate Ovens Takes On The Cage | Bases Covered Heavy Hitters Ep 1

MLB Europe’s Bases Covered is back with a brand new series – Bases Covered: Heavy Hitters! Each week our presenters Jemel One Five and Max Whittle invite a new celebrity to Home Run House, where they battle to hit the most home runs and be crowned the Heavy Hitter Champion!

Episode one sees the queen of food challenges, Kate Ovens, step up to the plate. She goes big, choosing the New York Yankees to represent in the cage, before smashing through some home runs and taking on Max in a speed eating challenge.

Who will be top of our leaderboard at the end of the series and take home the highly prized, definitely-not-plastic trophy? Stay tuned to find out.

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  3. Im offended …. both of these guys and Kate had to legally have ID to drive their vehicles to this studio in order to work .
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