Modern Marvels: How Water Supports Life (S13, E35) | Full Episode | History

Modern Marvels: How Water Supports Life (S13, E35) | Full Episode | History 1

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It’s nature’s elixir–so powerful it can carve our landscape, yet so nurturing it can spawn life and support its intricate matrix. And it’s the only substance on Earth that can exist in three separate forms, in Season 13, Episode 35, “Water.” #ModernMarvels
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“Modern Marvels” goes beyond the basics to provide insight and history into things we wonder about and that impact our lives.

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  1. This was a great series, and thank you History Channel for posting these old episodes I wish you would return to making quality programs like this that contain actual history and factual subjects instead of the endless badly scripted cheesy reality shows.
    I like how in this episode there is a minimum of repeated scenes after a commercial break, and the announcer speaks in a calm manner compared to the over dramatic tractor pull announcer style and exaggerated music that all the phony "reality" shows have.
    Based on many of the comments in these episodes, there are plenty of viewers who miss this type of programming and are tired of having our intelligence insulted by endless aliens, monsters and pickers.

  2. I enjoy this, this series. What I don't enjoy are the random comments about god every time ya'll post a video, you need to start deletin those lmfao. There's a time n place to bring god/whatever it is you believe in to a youtube video, and it's not the time since more often than not the comments are unrelated to the video in any possible way and thus spam

  3. My land is on the eastern slope of the RMR, I've been making swales to stop water from making it to the creeks in hopes that it will soak into the aquifers at least a little bit. Once it hits the creek beds, I think it illegal if I touch it, so I've just been trying to terrace and swale so at least I won't have to keep digging my well deeper every summer, which has become a summer occurrence.

  4. It's not about taste, if you drink pure water then you will dilute your electrolyte levels causing an imbalance.
    To counteract this, those Electrolytes are added back into the water.

  5. With municipalities occasionally issuing boil notices…I can see the benefit of the filtered bottled version…. However, 5his logic breeds a detrimental negative re-enforcement loop for public water model

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