Gravitas: Chinese vaccine 'just 50.7%' effective against Brazilian variant

Gravitas: Chinese vaccine 'just 50.7%' effective against Brazilian variant

In Brazil, there are more young people in ICUs than old. Brazil was banking on a Chinese vaccine to crush the surge. But, a study says the shot is just 50.7% …


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  1. तुम biased zee group वाले,कभी भारतीय govt की गलती नही बताओगे।
    1। 1 महीने पहले से पता था,की देश मे हालत खराब होंगे।
    2। नेताओ की rally-vaccination- Medicine & oxygen supply पर कभी question नही पूछा।
    3। Economy बर्बाद हो रही है,उसपर कोई सवाल नही।
    4। कुम्भ मेले,में भीड़ में लोग मर रहे है,कोई व्यवस्था नही।
    5। west bengal-tamil nadu-Assam में case क्यों छिपाए जा रहे है,कोई सवाल नही।
    6। मज़दूर लोग हज़ारों km पैदल चल के जा रहे है,कोई सवाल नही।

  2. Jai Jai Hinduja. Sinovac is only 50% effective against deadly Brazilian Covid19 P1 mutant. Expects Sinovac 0% efficacy against Indian double corona mutant.

  3. The symptoms for the flu are the same as this imaginary virus that is just the flu and other illnesses conflated as one which gullible masses buy into because they don't question what they're taught.

  4. Months before Wuhan publicised outbreak, there were many cases in US diagnosed as flu or vapo flu but autopsy done in 2020 revealed that they in fact covid19. In mid 2019 US CDC closed the Maryland Fort Derrick biolab on virus reseach, due to security lapse that led 3rd leakage. In aug 2019, 5 soldiers of the US team that participated in World Military Game in Wuhan, desplayed syomtoms of flu , after they left the Wuhan hotel they are stayed, the hotel staff later were tested positive for covid. Why do US sent a special plane to bring home these 5 soldiers instead bring home together with the rest of the team few days later. Are 5 soldiers biowarfare soldiers or sportmen? US team did not get a single medal at this game though US team normally excel in international games & sports when US army has well trained SEAL commandos.

  5. Disgusted to see so much hatred against China and Chinese community victimized. That's not the first corona virus, before there were SARs and Mars. It's unfair and racist to blame China for that.
    Hope we all will come out of this crisis, stronger and better people.

  6. Now please look at the infection number and death number in India. Don't slander and lie. Press your heart for conscience. May your Gods forgive you.

  7. they will face 4th and 5th wave .. and a ground for more notorious variant mutation eventually a mass herd immunity in progress but lots will die and only those lucky will see the bright lights.. vaccine is non effective hence they only publish the efficiency rate ..too different words and too far to be compare with.. hope brazil will get better tomorrow.

  8. ONE SHOULD NOT let their guard down after vaccination… This "ATTITUDE" will surely put anyone to an early grave… People who are vaccinated SHOULD STILL BE CAUTIOUS AND FOLLOW THE PRECAUTIONS…. WEAR MASKS, CLEAN YOUR HANDS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, etc…

  9. By the way cou cannot catch a virus, it,s your own god given immune defence against nasties like poison, germs , bacteria , heavy metals.. Your own viruses act as solvents to throw out these nasties. ALL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS SHOULD KNOW THIS, AT LEAST THE COMPETENT ONES.

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